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How The Supply Chain Can Impact The Company's Finances

Supply Chain is the management of the flow of goods from suppliers (supplier) that supplies goods to your needs or deliver your goods up to your customers. If you do not manage the supply chain (or purchase, procurement, planning, warehousing, logistics, procurement, customer fulfillment, ope…

An Overview About Cold Storage

image via freepik An Overview About Cold Storage - Cold storage is a warehousing room specially designed using certain room temperature conditions and used to store a wide range of products especia…
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Warehouse In Supply Chain Perspective

Warehouse in Supply Chain Perspective -  In the past, many people saw the warehouse as a cost center. A warehouse is nothing more than a place to store goods that do not provide added value. A ware…
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Warehousing Principles

Warehousing Principles - Warehouses are an important component of the modern supply chain. The supply chain involves activities in various stages, including: Sourcing Production distribution of good…
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4 Digital Information Technology Trends in Ports

4 Digital Information Technology Trends in Ports - Digital information technology is constantly being developed to optimize the distribution of goods in ports. The latest digital information techn…
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5 Great Container Ports in China

Sea port, via pixabay 5 Great Container Ports in China -  Chinese ports play an important role in the global economy and the flow of goods around the world. Although the world is currently facing s…
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Port: It's Meaning and Function

Sea port, via pixabay Port: It's Meaning and Function The port is a place consisting of land and surrounding waters with certain boundaries as a place of government activities and economic acti…
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Product Returns Management

Product Returns Management - Till some time back, a few associations just focused on a forward flexibly chain. That implies, ventures and directors were more worried about making their forward flexi…
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