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8 Causes Of Inaccurate Material Stock Data

Stock Data

One of the successful benchmarks of warehouse management and manageability is the accuracy of stock data. If the stock data presented by the warehouse is accurate then it is another aspect in the warehouse is also good. 

Because of what? Because to produce accurate stock data should be supported by factors and other aspects are interconnected so that the result is accurate stock data. It is impossible to produce an accurate stock data if its warehouse management is not good.

For you as Warehouse Manager, head of the warehouse, Staff warehouse or warehouse Operator should learn how to make warehouse management can run well. Of course, according to their duties and authorities. Understand your duties and authority and develop new ideas that support and facilitate your tasks.

To do preventive (prevention) and also corrective action (correction) to problems that are the cause of inaccuracy of stock data warehouse, then you should read the description below.

The cause of stock data is inaccurate, among others:

1. Bad Warehouse Layout

The design of the warehouse layout greatly affects many activities in the warehouse. A good warehouse is not an extensive warehouse, but rather the arrangement and utilization of the warehouse area to the fullest and the edge that will make the warehouse better. The layout design is related to many things such as setting the layout of goods, making items, the mechanism of its development and so on.

2. No Good Item Acceptance System

Acceptance of goods is the beginning where the material management process begins in the warehouse. Should be prepared a product receipt system with details such as the work instruction (IK), the process of processing (whether random or check 100%), mechanism if the item received does not match (the procedure how then what to do) and Etc.

3. Storage System Is Poor

In addition to the reception, a bad luggage storage System is also the cause of the inaccuracy data stock warehouse. Storage here concerning e.g. location of goods, the grouping of similar goods, grouping of chemical goods and so on. All there should be work instruction (WI).

4. Movement Of Goods

Movement Of Goods

Moving and moving the position of the goods should always be updated. Try to move the position of the goods not too often done. Therefore the concept of placement layout of goods should already be thought from the beginning with maturity. 

Often the displacement of the position of the goods as a result of the effort to carry out the goods because it is covered by other goods is the position of the goods to be no longer updated. The chance of lost control is also greater because of the frequent displacement of the position of goods.

5. Order Picking

Material retrieval can also be the cause of inaccuracy of the stock data. The order picking process is very related to the process of movement of goods above.

6. Shipping Errors

This is the most common and most frequent problem in the warehouse. Error The number of goods that do not correspond to the production voucher will greatly affect the stock data. If detected and caught maybe slightly better because it can be immediately corrected, but if not detected it will be very dangerous. So preferably before the goods in the send should be checked again to be more confident that the amount is correct and accordingly.

7. Suspend The Stock Card Update

Ideally, it is immediately after the transaction and material mutation occurs, then the stock card should also be immediately updated. A frequent habit is that the warehouse operator often delays updating the transactions that occur, thus ultimately forgetting because it is already busy with other activities. This should be avoided considering that the risk of data on the stock is inaccurate.

It is often the reason why the warehouse operator defers to directly update the transaction into the stock card is busy. This is not a reason to be received. The transaction that occurred should be immediately recorded, because if not then finally forgot. And forgetting is always the reason most often we hear.

8. Never On Stock-take

Stock Count result is a physical calculation activity of goods in the actual warehouse. The stock count result can be done in several methods and ways. In general stock, count results can be done daily (daily) with the random material system. Then it can also be done every month, three months, once, six months and the minimum is once a year.

Stock count results in use other than to know the value of asset goods in the warehouse can also be used to perform data correction and reconciliation of stock data material. If the stock count result is never done will be very dangerous consequences. 

That's an article about the reason why stock data is inaccurate. Next time we will discuss it deeper and more detail about it to make it clearer what the problem is and how the solution. So wait for the next article from this blog.

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