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Benefit Of 5S Concept In The Warehouse

Benefit Of 5S Concept
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Continuing the previous post about 5S, in this article, I will continue the discussion about the implementation of the concept and culture of 5S in the warehouse along with all its benefits.

A. What aspects should be observed in the application of 5S in the warehouse?

To apply the concept of 5S in the warehouse there are several aspects and factors that need to be noticed. These factors include:
  • Placement of incoming materials.
  • Material storage.
  • Space Warehouse.
  • Warehouse personnel.
  • The effectiveness of moving warehouse officers.
  • And others.
After learning some aspects above, the application of 5S in the warehouse can run well.

Here's an example of the 5S audit criteria Checklist in the Raw Material warehouse that needs to be a concern for all employees:

And here's an example of the 5S audit criteria checklist on a good Finish warehouse that needs to be a concern for all employees:

B. Who is the responsible 5S in the warehouse?

Person Incharge (PIC) or responsible 5S in the warehouse area is usually the Supervisor or Foremen. They are responsible for arranging how the 5S will be done in the warehouse.

They are responsible for giving orders to his team members in the shed about what to do in order for 5S to be effective running. They are tasked with thinking and making a new innovation so that the concept of 5S becomes increasingly a working culture in the warehouse environment.

C. 5S culture benefits in apply in warehouse

There is a very strong reason why the 5S culture needs to be applied in the warehouse, such as:
  • A warehouse is a storage place of company assets, perhaps more than 50% of the company's assets are stored in the warehouse in the form of goods, either raw material, spare part or Finish well.
  • The warehouse is such a common kitchen is a part that seeks and provides goods in need by production before finally later in sent to customer.
  • Material movement in the warehouse is very dynamic because each day serves the production needs.
  • The safety of the goods in the warehouse, either from the danger of fire, the roof leakage, until the danger of evasion or theft.
  • Accuracy of the data stock warehouse is very important because it will be the basis for PPIC to arrange production schedules and order goods.
  • And so on.
With so many aspects of consideration, it is certainly the standard 5S is necessary to apply.

With the provisions of the standard 5S which became a working culture in the Warehouse division then what is expected of a good warehouse management system can be realized.

Some of the benefits that are gained within the established 5S in the warehouse include:
  • Stock goods become more accurate because with a neat arrangement and in the continuous keep making the goods easier to check.
  • The efficiency of work time, this can be realized thanks to the program 5R because of the placement of the neat goods, clear labels, as well as the arrangement of goods between slow-moving and fast-moving in a good layout. The fast-moving Material is placed on the front and when it is forced on the shelf, it is placed on the bottom shelf. While the slow-moving material is placed on the back and when placed on the shelf it is placed on a higher shelf of fast-moving materials. With such an arrangement, the movement of warehouse personnel becomes very effective and efficient.
  • Damage to the goods resulting from a lack of control of the danger around can be avoided.
  • And still many other advantages and benefits.
As reference material for you can read the book about 5S from the expert directly Mr. Hiroyuki Hirano by buying it in the nearest bookstores in your city.

That's an article on the implementation of the concept and culture 5S in the warehouse. Hopefully, this article can be useful and give an added value to you.

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