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Duty And Responsibility Of A Warehouse Chief

Duty And Responsibility Of A Warehouse Chief

What are the duty and responsibility of a warehouse head? Take a look at the following in order to be more understanding and understanding about the duties and responsibilities of the head of the warehouse.

Good warehouse management is one important factor for the business continuity of the company. Why so? Because in this warehouse, more than half of the company's assets are stored in it. Poor warehouse management and ambush, of course, will make the company's assets a mess too. 

The occurrence of deadstock material, damaged material, expired material and the bad movement of the goods system will make the cost and cost of the company become high. To prevent that from happening then it requires a Supervisor or a competent head warehouse and can manage the warehouse well.

Understanding the Warehouse Management System (WMS) Well is the absolute requirement that a warehouse head should fulfill. Without such experience and ability, it will be very heavy if you have to manage a warehouse in a company, especially in a large enough company. 

A warehouse chief should also know and understand well about the stock system and warehousing management techniques.

As the following description I share to you about the duties (Job desk) principal and responsibilities of the head of the warehouse as follows:
  • A warehouse chief should be able to make a Plan on the management of warehouses, ranging from procurement of goods up to the distribution of finish goods to the customer.
  • A warehouse chief should be able to supervise and control the operations of a well-day warehouse.
  • A warehouse chief must be able to perform as a leader for all warehouse staff and warehouse operators.
  • Ensure that all of the warehouses (procedures) of the warehouse work in carrying out well, namely the acceptance of goods, storage of goods, and delivery of goods.
  • Ensure and supervise and control the outflow of goods incomplete with complete supporting documents.
  • Ensure the stock of goods according to the need to avoid overcapacity and become dead stock.
  • Ensure all warehouse work is run in accordance with the provisions and instructions of the work set.
  • Responsible for doing stock count result calculation based on the period set and reconciling the data in case of a discrepancy between the result of stock count result and physical goods.
  • For tasks to [ala other warehouses that are special nature depends on the business area of each company.
In addition to the above duties and responsibilities, a Supervisor or head of the warehouse must also fulfill the following criteria:
  • Leaders are able to manage their staff and warehouse operators as a solid team.
  • Assertive, disciplined, responsible and trustworthy.
  • Have experience and master warehousing management well.
  • Thorough, and have a high discipline in carrying out its duties and responsibilities.
  • Can make a decision quickly and appropriately.
  • Able to give a good example to his subordinates.
  • Has good communication technology.
  • Have a commitment, work ethic, and high work motivation.
  • Such is the article about the task and responsibility of a warehouse chief. If you are a warehouse head then you should pay attention to and learn the above things so that you successfully manage the warehouse well.
Hopefully, this article is useful and helpful to you and adds your insight into warehousing management.

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