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How To Create A Good Warehouse Management System

How To Create A Good Warehouse Management System
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Starting from a simple question simple, how to build good warehouse management, in this article I will review it in more detail. This article I created based on my personal experience and also references from some articles on warehouse management.

Here is how to build a good warehouse management organization, as follows:

1. Define And Prepare Item Data

Before you decide to build a warehouse, then the first thing you have to do is decide what items will be stored in the warehouse. After that is to do analysis and calculation carefully how much approximately the area of warehouse needed to store the goods. 

Prepare all that in a database so that it can be analyzed more mature again. If you can not count yourself, then you can ask for advice and opinions from people who are indeed experts in the world of warehouse management and supply chain.

2. Pinpoint Location And Locations

The second stage you have to do is determine where the warehouse location will be in the wake. Consider carefully and thoughtfully, especially regarding access to inbound vehicles, location of flood subscriptions or not, places or parking areas of the vehicle and so on.

It is very important to note because it is wrong in determining the location or warehouse layout can cause high operational cost. Avoid choosing locations that are flooded areas.

3. Set The Warehouse Layout

A layout or layout of the warehouse is designed in such a way by considering some things that are in consideration, among others:
  • Popularity
  • Similarity
  • Size 
  • Characteristics
  • Space Utilization
Also, there are several important component characteristics:
  • Perishable materials, which are easily damaged components.
  • Oddly shaped and crushable items, namely the special form components and easily damaged.
  • Hazardous materials, a harmful component.
  • Security items, which are components with special security and Compatibility, namely matches or suitability.
What are the objectives of the warehouse layout set?

There are at least five (5) objectives of the warehouse layout setting, which are:
  • Utilization of floor area.
  • The efficiency of moving goods and warehouse operators.
  • Minimizes storage costs, if possible, can implement a JIT (Just In Time) system.
  • High flexibility.
  • Housekeeping or cleanliness of the warehouse is good.
4. Important Factors In Warehouse Management Include:

a. Conservation Of Space Or Space Conservation

In a good Warehouse Management System, one of the benchmarks is the utilization of the space in the warehouse to be maximized.

b. Limitations Of Space Or Limitation Of Space

The point is how to make a limitation on one material or material that can be stored in a place.

c. Accessibility Or Access

It is a space between one and another material that is deliberately made so that each material can be moved easily using material handling available such as hand Pallet.

d. Create A Forecast Schedule Inventory

e. Software Inventory Application

Stock management of goods is a thing that can not be underestimated and trivial, especially in modern times such as fast-paced, it is needed a piece of fast and accurate information. To fulfill the need for this information then it is designed to inventory software that can control warehouse inventory. 

The use of inventory software will also reduce the risk of human error when conducting data input or supervision. Also, the software inventory can provide information that is real-time and faster in comparison to the manual way so far.
Here are the advantages of Inventory Software that you need to know, as follows:
  • Able to perform automatic calculations
  • Get price information in Real-Time
  • Simplify auditing
  • Minimizes time and costs
  • Safer and more integrated Data storage
  • Effective and dynamic
That's the article review on how to build good warehouse management. Hopefully, it can enrich your knowledge.

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