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How To Overcome Theft In The Warehouse By Employees

How To Overcome Theft In The Warehouse By Employees
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The theft of goods is one of the most common criminal cases in the company's warehouse. How to deal with theft in the warehouse by employees? Check out the article below.

Based on the basic principle of a warehouse is a region that belongs to the group "Restricted Area " or the sense of the literal is the warehouse included in the limited access area. This means that the warehouse area can only be entered by warehouse employees. 

If some other employees or guests come to visit the warehouse must be able to get permission to enter the warehouse area. Itupun provided he must be accompanied by employees of the warehouse.

Why are warehouses included in areas with limited access? The answer is because in the warehouse many stored items are part of the company's assets. Approximately 50% of the company's assets are stored in the warehouse, either in a material form or finished product. 

For that, it is not arbitrary people or employees of other parts go into the warehouse with the free. In many companies, there is often a case of material theft that is done by employees of the company itself. 

They work together with the warehouse employees in carrying out their actions. It can happen as a result of being too free of other division employees out into the warehouse without getting permission first.

Learning from the cases of theft is now a lot of companies that are enforcing the warehouse area as an area with limited access. If in the Langgar then the sanctions are given a letter of warning (SP) to employees who violate the agreement no longer repeated the same incident. 

Even in some companies put a special security post in front of the warehouse door. The security task there is to supervise the employees who are out in the warehouse, conduct checks on employees or guests who come to visit the warehouse and give the card access to the guest.

In addition to providing access permit cards in the warehouse, some tasks from the security in front of the warehouse include:

1. Perform regular and scheduled patrol in the warehouse area.

2. Accompany the guests visiting the warehouse until the needs are completed.

3. Perform inspection of the carload that carries the goods from the warehouse to be sent to the customer.

4. Inspection of waste goods, waste that is removed from the warehouse and will be waste to landfill temporary waste. It is necessary to do because there is often a mode of theft of goods from the warehouse in a way to disguise it with garbage and waste.

stock card
form stock card

In addition to the way we can do to prevent the occurrence of theft in the warehouse is to do a stock card update every day. In this way, if there is a difference in the stock of suspicious goods can immediately be in the search for the cause, whether due to false transaction or because indeed the item is lost in the steal. 

If so then it can be immediately in search of the situation more quickly and insoluble so endanger the cessation of the production process.

With the enforcement of warehouse area as an area or area with limited access, it is one of the preventive efforts to minimize the occurrence of material theft cases and goods from within the warehouse, either from the employee's warehouse or Employees in cooperation with the warehouse employees.

That is an article on how to prevent the occurrence of goods theft in the warehouse by employees.

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