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PPIC Main Tasks In A Company

Production Planning
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Are you the one who recently joined the PPIC (Production Planning And Inventory Control) division? If yes, then you need to learn and understand first what are the main tasks PPIC in a company.  

And for those of you who have long joined the division PPIC but still do not understand well about the tasks of PPIC, when the tasks you have worked on the day? It's a good idea to read the following reviews to understand what the basic task of PPIC.

People often mention that PPIC is a planner. The assumption is a point because the task of PPIC is to make planning or production schedule. But it is just one of PPIC's tasks because there are still many other tasks that you need to know and understand. 

Planning or production schedule is a preliminary stage that is done by PPIC after getting data sales forecasts from sales marketing. After that PPIC also has to distribute the schedule to the relevant division, then PPIC will also monitor day by day about the suitability of the existing production schedule with the actual output coming out of each division.

So what are the basic tasks of the part of PPIC in a company? Please read the article below.


As a PPIC, of course, he has a basic task and function that is to plan production activities by the demand of sales marketing. Besides, he also has many other tasks aside from the above functions.

Among the basic tasks of PPIC include:
  • Making planning and production schedule by the request or sales order received from sales marketing.
  • Making material purchase planning to meet production needs.
  • Monitoring production process progress.
  • Monitors the conformity of production schedules with the generated output.
  • Monitoring Material arrival timing.
  • Controlling Stock material.
  • Monitoring SO incoming from Sales Marketing.
  • Monitor Delivery Finish Good.
That's among the basic tasks of PPIC. For the explanation of each of those assignment points, I will be reviewing one by one in my upcoming articles.

The task of a PPIC is very complex, considering its function is as a liaison and coordinating the output between the divisions so much that the production process in the final assembly can run well according to the planned production plan. That's why a PPIC is superhuman in my opinion. A hard worker who is very needed by the company.

Without PPIC, the production schedule will not be controlled properly and will not be matching with customer order. Also without PPIC, the stock inventory of goods in the warehouse will be over and not well controlled. So it is clear here that the role of PPIC is very vital and it is needed once by the company.

The task of a PPIC in a manufacturing company is extremely heavy and of course, it is not an easy job. Therefore not everyone, although maybe he is a clever and clever person not necessarily he can and suitable to become a PPIC. 

To be able to work as PPIC then one must qualify and qualify to become a PPIC. There are specific requirements that one must-have for someone to become a reliable PPIC.

Below I try to share with you some of the conditions, criteria, and qualifications that a person must have to become a PPIC. This is based on my experience that is currently being involved as a PPIC Supervisor in a private company.

These conditions include:
  • Have good arithmetic (math) skills.
  • It has computer capabilities (especially Ms. Excel) well.
  • Have a good logical ability, like to analyze.
  • Have a vision, analysis skills, and problem-solving problems well.
  • Agile, diligent, honest and believable.
  • Have good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Love the challenge, resistant to pressure jobs.
  • Able to work independently or in collaboration with others on and off the team.
  • A special requirement is to have high loyalty and responsibility to the job.
  • Glad to cooperate and soulful negotiator.
  • Understand the flow of the production system (special conditions).
Why should a PPIC know and understand about the production flow system? Because the PPIC task is to connect and align the work between one division with the other division to synergize so that the output produced can be in the process of finished goods in the final assembly division. 

If he does not understand and understand the system and production flow then the production process will become messy and chaotic.

To understand the system and production flow properly, it can not be done by everyone, as well as everyone, as good as everyone. 

It takes time to learn about it especially for employees who are just getting in the company. Ideally, it's time to study for about a month or two, but for employees who can learn quickly, it's usually quicker to adapt, and the learning time will be even shorter.

Apart from that, a PPIC should also be able to be firm, able to maintain a relationship with many people, smart communicate with many people from different divisions.

These are some of the terms and qualifications to become a PPIC. So for those of you who have qualifications like above do not hesitate to pursue a career as a reliable PPIC. 

That's a short article about the main task of Production Planning Anda Inventory Control (PPIC). For more detail descriptions please read later in my next article.

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