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Responsibilities, Functions And Duties Of Production Planning (PPIC) Staff

Production Planning (PPIC) Staff
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In my previous article, I have discussed the definition of PPIC and Job Descriptionnya, then in this article, I will review the functions and tasks of PPIC.

PPIC stands for Production Planning And Inventory Control. PPIC has a production planning function in a manufacturing company. Structurally the PPIC division is usually headed by a Manager, assisted by a Supervisor and some Staff. For companies with a smaller scale, the PPIC division is only in the head by a Supervisor and assisted by some staff only.

In the organization structure of PPIC directly responsible to the CEO or company owner, thus the authority that is owned by PPIC can not be intervened by any department in the company. In addition to running the production planning function, the PPIC division is also responsible for the control of inventory goods management.

As I have already conveyed in my previous articles that most of the company's assets are stored in the warehouse in the form of raw materials and finished goods. Possible if at a percentage of about 60%-80% of the value of the company's assets. Therefore, it requires good control and inventory management to keep the asset awake.

The task to do inventory management, in principle is done by the Warehouse division which includes Raw Material warehouse, Spareparts Warehouse, and Finish Goods warehouse. The task of PPIC is to align the management function of each of the warehouses to run correctly and in accordance with the principles of the Warehouse Management System (WMS).

In general, the PPIC Staff has the following responsibilities:
  • Being a leader and responsible for all work activities in section PPIC and control over the warehouse section. PPIC is responsible for the preparation of raw materials, control of production planning, and control of goods delivery (distribution and logistics).
  • Create and plan annual activities along with their budget.
  • Make a monthly report on the realization of product implementation and report it to the company leadership in the monthly Meeting forum.
  • Responsible for efficiency in the PPIC section.
  • Responsible for conducting visit improvement in the PPIC division.
  • Responsible for human resources development in the PPIC division.
  • In the meantime, in addition to the responsibility of the existing PPIC also has some basic tasks that are described in the form of the job description.

The main tasks are:
  • Receive orders (sales Forecast) from the Sales Marketing section.
  • Make production planning based on the sales forecast already received from Sales Marketing.
  • Fulfill the demand for making product samples from Sales Marketing and monitor the process of making the sample until the sample sent to the customer (Sample product is usually made by the team product development).
  • To make a planned procurement of raw materials needed for the production process based on the sales forecast of sales Marketing by calculating the condition of stock goods update in the warehouse by doing the need calculation The raw material carefully by taking into account safety stock in accordance with the existing provisions.
  • Monitor inventory stock management activities in the warehouse added with materials to be imported and also stock materials at WIP (production) so that the production and order fulfillment process can run smoothly.
  • Prepare the production process schedule by taking into account the cycle time, routing and the appropriate amount per lot so that the goods in the production can be delivered on time and in accordance with the request from the customer or customer.
  • Maintain the balance of work (Line balancing) against All lines in the production department so that no machine is overloaded while on the other side there are other machines that do not operate (idle). This line balancing process is closely related to the field executor in production (production Supervisor) as well as the maintenance section.
  • Inform the Sales Marketing if there is a problem in the production process that will potentially cause a delay in the delivery of goods to the customer or customer.
  • Actively communicate with all divisions related to the production process until accurate information is obtained.
That's the article on the responsibilities, functions, and duties of the PPIC Staff in a manufacturing company. Hopefully, this article can add to your insight and knowledge, especially for those of you who are just starting a plunge and working in section PPIC.

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