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Simple Tips To Reduce Stock Material In Warehouse

Simple Tips To Reduce Stock Material In Warehouse

In this article, I will raise a very important topic that is simple tips to lower the stock material in the warehouse. Let's read the article below so that you will better understand about simple tips to reduce stock material in the warehouse.

The task of a warehouse head besides trying to prevent overstock and dead stock in the warehouse, then another task of a warehouse head is to lower the stock warehouse and guard it at a safe and safety level.

How? Below I give you reviews and ways you can take down the stock of the warehouse. That way I am stacking based on the knowledge I get for over fifteen years to become a head shed with the experience of working in three different companies. Let's read the explanation below.

The demands of competition with competitor companies as well as increasingly stringent industry competition and the cost of production and distribution that always go up every year inevitably force every company to do efficiency in all sectors and find new ideas in order to stay afloat.

Warehouse as one of the places to store most of the company's assets (in the form of materials and spare parts) also has to do the efficiency by lowering the stock warehouse.

The question is then not at risk with tightening the purchase of the goods later? Will supply to production line be uninterrupted? The risk is definitely there, therefore your task as the head of the warehouse to monitor and minimize the potential interference. Can it? Of course, the condition is the consistency of the method you are executing.

Some ways or tips to reduce the material stock level in the warehouse include:

1. Make sure the stock warehouse condition is always updated and accurate.

Minimize the warehouse stock buffer, if previously you have 1% buffer of the stock amount, then you can lower it to a 0.5% level and even for some material you can tap it again below. It needs courage from you to do that, but you have to be sure to try it out.

2. Ask the purchasing staff to negotiate with supplier who applies for a minimum order.

Ask them to make a purchase as needed only and the buffer you have set. Can it? My experience can be, especially for packaging material such as carton box, Styrofoam and also crates. 

3. Focus on Delivery order goods, considering that most suppliers in this country are very difficult to send goods on time for various reasons, then you can do the information to the purchasing goods production needs can be sent one day prior to production activities.

4. Ask the production to reduce the reject that is caused by the production process.

Reduce the reject warehouse by minimizing error handling when receiving goods or when the allocation of placement of goods in the warehouse.

5. And so on.

These are some of the ways and tips you can do as a step to reduce your warehouse stock. By reduced the number of stock goods in the warehouse in the ideal conditions then you will directly reduce the cost of eliminating even unnecessary costs such as paying overtime operators for handling goods and so on. 

With such hard effort, you as the head of the warehouse have contributed to the company especially in the healthy cash flow of the company. 

That is the article on simple tips to reduce stock material in the warehouse. Hopefully useful and can add to your insight.

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