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Storage Of Goods In The Warehouse

Storage Of Goods  In The Warehouse
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Article storage items in the warehouse are a continuation of the previous article on the acceptance of goods  in the warehouse that I have previously published on this blog.

In this article, I will review the process of storing material in the warehouse (Storage). Please read the following article untill the end.


Storage of goods in the warehouse requires attention and handling is very consistent because if the handling is inconsistent then it will cause many problems in the warehouse. 

The problems include expired goods, warehouse mess, and clutter, stock cards do not update, hidden goods, deadstock and many other problems that will arise.

A warehouse head or anyone involved in a warehouse must follow the applicable SOP (Standart Operating Procedure) in the warehouse. The SOP is made with the aim that the management of the storage of goods and materials in the warehouse can run well and prevent problems such as the above.

Then, what are the activities in the warehouse that relate to the storage of goods (Storage)? What is the method or system of storing good goods in the warehouse? Let's read the following review.

1. Stock Card Update

This is the basic process of storage of goods in the warehouse. Record all items entered into the stock card. The date of entry, its number, the document number of the course letter correctly. The writing in the stock card must be clear and legible, especially in the number of numbers.

Here is an example of a warehouse stock card:

1. Warehouse Stock Card

Nowdays, almost every company is already using an ERP system. The type can be varied, e.g. SAP, Accurate, Axapta and others. The function is to have the data presented is data that is updated and correct. 

But the ERP system is also not perfect because it all depends heavily on the consistency of its human resources in inputting the data that is the responsibility. Therefore in some companies still implement the stock card system in monitoring transactions and the mutation of goods that occur.

2. Stock Taking

Stock Taking is an activity that must be done in the warehouse. The goal is to calculate the actual stock quantity of the goods at that time. Later, the stock count result will be analyzed and the comparison between the goods in and out of the actual compare.

If there is a difference, immediately analyze more in-depth to determine the cause of the difference. After that, it is reconciling the stock data back so that the data stock update again. Without doing stock count results periodically, it will be difficult to analyze because it is not in the know the material or goods that are the difference.

The schedule of the stock count results, in general, is once a month. But some apply once a month, six months or even once a year. But the most ideal in my opinion is once a month. 

Why? Because it is still fresh and transactions that occur not so long, so that the search if there is a difference in the amount when the stock count result will be easier and faster.

For the record, for certain materials that are expensive stock count result value can be done on a daily or weekly basis.

Good luggage storage is one of the factors that affect the accuracy of the warehouse stock.

That's an article about the storage of goods. Hopefully, this article will be useful for you. Don't forget to read more articles to increase your knowledge.

Thank you for your visit to my blog.

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