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The Implementation Of 5S Culture In The Warehouse

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5S for warehouse

How does the cultural implementation of 5S in the warehouse? Check out the summary in the following article.


For those of you who have worked in a company or factory would have known and know the concept or culture of 5S in your workplace. Or even you are indeed working in a company that implements 5S now?

The concept and culture of 5S at work was initially applied to companies originating from Japan. As a pioneer call it TOYOTA Corporation as the first company to implement the concept of 5S. The concept was ultimately adopted by companies in Indonesia with the concept of 5S, consisting compact, neat, rehearse, outpatient and diligent.

Today the culture of 5S in the workplace is many in adoption and applied in many companies in this world. The simple concept of 5S is to settle a problem rather than hide it.

The forerunner of the 5S concept we know today, in the adoption of the system or the 5S concept applied to Japanese companies. The main core of the concept is to reduce waste time and change the behavior and habit of workers for the better. And at the end with consistency, the good habits evolved into the culture at work.

The concept of 5S applied in Japanese companies consists of Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, and Shitsuke. These five concepts I will explain the following:


1. SEIRI (Sorting)

Seiri is a step or the earliest step that must be done before proceeding to the next step. The concept is very simple that sorting out which items are useful and still in use as well as which items are useless or already not in use anymore. Useful items are then stored while the items are useless in the waste. 

At this stage is usually known as marking of useless goods using a red label or red tags. The goods that have been labeled with red color, at the edges and collected in the shelter. Furthermore, the goods will be seen and in the value returned by management before finally in the disconnect to be re-save or remain in the discard.

By getting rid of useless items from the workplace, your workspace will be more comfortable and your movements will be more efficient.

2. SEITON (Clean up)

Implementation Of 5S

Seiton is the second step of the 5S concept. The basic principle is to do the arrangement of goods in the workplace so it is easy to find when in need. In addition to the transfer, the goods are safer. At this stage, it is usually labeling the area stating that the area is the place of the goods. Marking is useful to reduce waste of time to find the existence of goods in need because with the labels already installed will facilitate the search.

3. SEISO (Cleaning)

Seiso is the third or subsequent step. The principle is to do a cleaning of the goods that have been in the layout before so as not to dirty. Included in this receipt is the cleaning of your workplace environment, production machines either running machines or machines that are in maintenance. The effect that is inflicted from a clean workplace is to add motivation to employee work and keep the workplace healthy and comfortable. 

4. SEIKETSU (Caring)

After 3S the above tree can be run well, then the next step is to do the treatment. A compact, neat and clean workplace should be hospitalized and standardized.  These standards must be easy to understand and be done by all employees. 

For that, it will usually be in the form of an audit team of 5S which consists of representatives of employees who have been given training and believed to be the auditor team. At this stage, 5S standards in the form of a checklist and will be audited periodically by the team that has been in the form. 


At this stage, the principles of 5S have become a culture in the company. With the fifth S then there has been an awareness in each employee about the culture 5S.

At this level an employee will be:
  • Discipline and adherence to the standards and regulations.
  • Respectful respect between fellow employees and reminding each other about applicable standards.
  • Have a shame if he is committing violations to existing standards.
  • Ready and willing to continue making repairs.
One important thing you need to underline is that there is no good concept of 5S that the company will all return to the support and participation and awareness of each individual and its employees and leaders in the company.

The following are the determinants of the success or absence of the program 5S in the event, among others:
  • The active participation of all employees from the lowest level to the highest level in the company.
  • Strong support from corporate management to implement 5S culture within the company. The support that is given must be continuous both in terms of means and others.
  • There is a change of mindset or mindset of employees in the company that the program 5S is not more than just a clean-up program.
  • The presence of visual banners and hints that strengthen the program 5S.
  • To provide ongoing training and education about 5S to all employees.
The 5S culture is not a working culture that is easy to implement within the company, but it is also not a possible thing to implement. The key is the consistency of supervision, both by the 5S Committee and the support of the company's own management. 

Absolute management support in need because to complement the tools and equipment needs 5S requires budget from the company. Without the support of the management then the concept of 5S will only road in place and in the end will not succeed to be applied.


The concept of 5S should be a working culture in every division of the company, no exception is the warehouse division. A Warehouse is divided into the raw material warehouse, warehouse finishes good and warehouse spare part.

The application of 5S in the warehouse is absolutely necessary because there will be a lot of benefits for the company, ranging from the efficiency of storage, the efficiency of moving warehouse employees, the accuracy of the stock card, dry goods, the safety of goods and many more advantages and benefits that can be achieved.

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