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What Is Supply Chain And Logistic? See The Description Here

Logistic Definition

Do you know what is the meaning of Supply Chain And Logistic Definition? For those of you who do not understand the meaning of the Supply Chain then it is good to read the article and its description below so that you become more understanding.

For me or you who have long been in the manufacturing world must have been very familiar and understand the Supply chain management, but for those who are just starting to plunge in the world of manufacturing of course still confuse and yet understand with the term of that.

Therefore before we continue to discuss warehouse management I will explain a little about what is meant by the Supply chain management and what are the activities related to the supply chain. 

The management of the warehouse itself is one part of the Supply chain management. That means between warehouse management and supply chain management are two very closely related things. In a daily language, the usual supply chain is referred to as the supply chain.

Well, now I will explain what's meant by Supply chain Management?

Supply chain management or commonly called logistics management is a part of the process of the supply chain that plan, control the efficiency and effectiveness of the flow and storage of goods, services, and their information from the place of origin of goods until With the use of goods to meet the needs of consumers.

We need to know that in the Supply chain there are very many factors that affect so in fact, we are almost impossible to implement a target of 100% on the target that we will plan.

As an example of the very influencing factors are human factors, time and also natural factors. This means that the planning that is done in supply chain activities should take these three things into account. First human Resources (HR), the second count the timing (time) and the third takes into account the non-technical factors of natural factors.

The two initial factors that I mentioned above are human factors and time is a factor that can still control, but the third time is a natural factor that can not we control. Natural disasters such as floods, landslides, and so on are very influential in the distribution process of this supply chain system. Also, if there is a mass impact, it will affects, because it will result in the distribution of goods obstructed.

That's the underlying reason why the emerging trend of today's manufacturing companies nowadays is establishing a lot of buffer warehouses as a step anticipating the possibility of problems on the track and Supply Chain system. 

The warehouses are established per region or market area of the product. So no wonder now a lot of emerging warehousing areas scattered in various regions. It was all the average distribution warehouse of these manufacturing companies. 

By establishing the buffer warehouses in the area that is close to the market, the company will save a lot of costs in this field of Distribution.

Supply chain network

Supply chain management is indeed a field of work that is very dynamic and challenging because of the many uncertainties that are caused by third parties (forwarder services or expeditions).

Therefore, if you are a practitioner or an interested person in the field of Supply Chain management then you are a great person. Many things will make and spur us to continue learning because the challenges in this field are always changing at all times and very dynamic.

Then prepare yourself to keep learning new things where it will all make you stronger and more powerful.

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