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5 Easy Steps To Manage Stock Warehouse

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5 Easy Steps To Manage Stock Warehouse

Managing the stock of goods in the warehouse is one of the very important things in the distribution company. Especially if the stock goods are pretty much and surely it will make you feel confused, is not it?

You will certainly be looking for solutions on how to cope with the goods inventory effectively and structured. Yes although it is undeniable that managing the stock of goods is not an easy thing.

Moreover, as the time of development of distribution business and market demand increased, surely you will face a lot of difficulties.

Inaccuracy and efficiency in managing stock of goods not only hurt your distribution business, but it will also affect all business processes within the company and ultimately consumers feel dissatisfied with the service you are doing.

Managing the stock of goods is the biggest challenge for companies that have many branches. Why so? This is because it is difficult to control the goods that are in the branch, especially if your branch is not only one. 

If your business is in the field of buying and selling a house or car, this may be a bit easier because the goods are sold in large size and usually small amounts. But if you're going through a retail business that has a lot of stuff with items up to thousands, then this will be very dizzying.

As one of the facilities that are fixed, the warehouse is designed to help achieve a good level of service target with a low total cost. The warehouse also becomes a logistics system of a company that serves to store products and provide information on the status of goods. 

Not to be missed, from the warehouse also provide material condition information or products stored until the product is requested according to the production schedule.

Warehouse applies the term warehouse management or warehouse management which means a system to manage warehousing and distribution of goods. The purpose is to keep the goods stored in good condition while being delivered to the customers or stock requesters at the right time and amount.

5 Easy Steps To Manage Stock Warehouse

Because the warehouse is directly related to sales, warehouse management is crucial to the continuity of your business. Where, when the stock of goods in the warehouse does not match the sale, it will impact the loss, either because of failed sales or supplies available in the warehouse too much. Here are some simple ways to manage your stock in a warehouse so that your business can take place well.

But you do not have to worry, every problem there must be a solution as well as the stock management of this item. Well, follow some simple tips to manage the stock goods in the warehouse effectively, as follow:

1. Making Inventory Forecast

Once you have collected the item input and output data, the next step to do is to create a forecast or an estimate of the stock inventory of the required amount of inventory in this period. It is not an easy stage when you have a product sale of different types. This will also be difficult because in this step you have to specify the amount per item.

When you want to know how many stock items are on time, then you need to reduce the procurement of unneeded goods and avoid the excess or shortage of stock items. So this way can help you at the same time as consumer demand.

2. Setting Up Data Accurately

Make stock management of the goods by the minimum amount that must be held at all times. For example, when you have a stock of goods that have reached or are approaching the minimum pre-determined threshold, then please rebook to the supplier.

3. Check Back Items To Be Saved

Check back Items in the warehouse

Always pay attention to check the item before being put on the shelf. This Step can be done by coding the goods to be able to know whether or not the goods that were previously recorded in the stockpile of goods are caught.

And you will be able to know which items are experiencing defects or misproductions.
The next step is to make sure that you always check the item before placing it on the shelf. This check can be done before coding so you can know whether or not the goods are recorded in the stockpile of goods. 

This check can also help to find out which items are experiencing defects, misproductions, and other mistakes before deciding to save them. Especially for defective items, you can collect them in one place and don't forget to give a small sign or note of defects.

4. Code Each Item

By providing the code on each item it will help you make the sale quickly and effectively. But if there is no coding on each item, then the transaction will feel very difficult.

5. Split Between Old Stocks And New Stocks

Have you ever felt confused when looking at mixed items between old stocks and new stocks? Especially if the recording and checking of goods. It can even make stress yourself.

Mixing a stir of new and old stock will only be confused when recording and checking the stock of goods. When there are both items, it's a good idea to separate the old stock and new stocks to make it easier to calculate the number of old stocks sold and not yet sold. You can also provide a special place for new stocks to avoid mixing up new and old stock items as well.

Hopefully, this article will give an added value to you.

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