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9 Troubleshooting Solutions To Manage Goods Stocks In Warehouses

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9 Troubleshooting Solutions To Manage Goods Stocks In Warehouses

The management of the goods in the warehouse of a trading company or retail is very important to do. The management of poor goods stock will have an impact on the reduced value of sales of goods and capital that are held without any balanced or more income that can result in losses for a company and also the company will lose customers caused by loss of trust from the customer for the way sales work on the company (how bad sales work).

If the stock of goods stored too much in the warehouse it will increase the risk of damage to the goods and will increase the operating costs to be paid by the company such as the cost of storage of goods and other costs. 

Conversely, if the stock of goods stored too little then the risk of lack of inventory or goods that will be sold to customers will be greater and this is very detrimental to the company. Companies that should be able to sell how much of the goods to one customer or more and benefit doubled, the opportunity will be forfeited instantly because of the limited stock supply of goods in the warehouse.

To solve the problem of stock management of goods (excess and lack of stock goods and other problems) in the warehouse to a company then we will be discussed 8 solutions that will help in solving the problem of stock management of goods in the warehouse. 

The Solutions to Overcome the Problem of Stock Management

Here are 8 solutions to overcome the problem of stock management of goods in the warehouse, as follows:

1. Make a list and stock information of goods

Making a list of stock goods and information that comes with the amount of stock available in the warehouse is very important to do. With the list and information on the goods stock, the customers will be easier and quicker to find the items they want to buy so they do not have to wait too long for the item information.

2. Doing periodic stock calculations

If the stock of goods in the warehouse is not carried out periodically, there will be problems in stock management such as the difference in the number of stock goods and the depreciation of stock items that are difficult to know. For goods that are faster sold or the best practices of other goods, the stock calculation can be done every week. As for the rarely sold items, there are stock calculations every month.

3. Maintain the dry storage of stock goods

A neat stock storage place will make things easier to find. The company can arrange the goods that are more rapidly sold to be placed in the front or can be arranged by dividing the goods according to the category or group.

4. Using containers or containers to put items

One way to keep the stock storage is not cluttered by placing goods into containers according to the respective categories of goods.

5. Label each container

The company can also provide a label that reads the name of the item inventory in each container that is available according to the classification of the goods in each container.

6. Using high Shelves

The use of a high shelf to store the inventory of goods can save energy and time in managing the stock of goods because the storage of goods in the high shelf will avoid stacking the goods between the one with the other. With the high shelf, space where the stock storage of goods becomes more efficient than seeing the pile of messy goods.

7. Using a digital system to manage stock of goods

In today's era, where technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated, the company can manage the stock of goods easily and quickly. The company now does not need to manage the stock manually where it is recorded in a book. 

Now, the company provided a digital system or software that is designed systematically in the management of stock goods in the form of input goods and outgoing goods, recording the minimum amount of stock as a notification if you want to add stock back or to know if the stock is almost exhausted and the remaining stock of the available goods that will be automatically reduced in case of purchase.

8. Timely to return an inventory of goods

With the software specially designed to help manage the stock of goods in the warehouse, the company can know the remaining stock of goods that are still available in the warehouse easily and quickly. 

Thus, the company will know the correct time to re-order supplies of goods needed to suppliers to minimize the occurrence of the shortage of stock goods that could cause harm to the company. Thus, the company can sell its goods regularly and timely to the customers so that it will increase customer confidence in the company.

Causes Of Warehouse Stock Difference

The problem of difference in stock of goods can be easily resolved if known cause. The following causes often arise in the management of goods:

1. Lack of physical checking

One common cause that often happens is the lack of physical checking for the stock of goods owned. Goods stored in the warehouse do not as long as they will be in good condition because there is a value of depreciation incurred or damaged goods. This problem can be solved by regular physical checking so that, the warehouse can calculate items that are not worth selling.

2. Management of stock of goods that are still manual

There are still some companies that use conventional methods to manage their goods. Manual management of goods is not efficient and can cause many problems due to human error, so it can cause a difference in the stock of goods in the warehouse. For that, the company needs to implement digital management to be more efficient and maximized.

You can use to manage stock of goods for easier! has an inventory feature to help you manage the stock of goods. With the real-time feature, you can know directly the number of items you have. 

Also, the existing Invoicing feature has been integrated directly so that the number of items will automatically decrease or increase once the invoice is made. Everything is available on your Desktop or Smartphone. Click here to use it directly for free.

3. Process of sending and receiving of goods

Other causes that may cause the difference in-stock goods are the recording of data on goods received and outgoing is not appropriate. Therefore, logging out or logging in must be properly recorded so that there is no difference in the data received so that the inventory can be well tracked.

4. Stock count result wrong

Each company will stock a count result to check the items they have. Stock Count result aims to control the existing goods. Errors in stock count results can create incorrect data. This should be addressed immediately considering, the stock count result data is often used as a reference from the company to make decisions regarding the supply of goods they have.

Warehouse Stock Difference Solution

Warehouse Stock Difference Solution

Management of a good and regular stock warehouse will not cause problems with the number of goods. However, the error remains inevitable. 
  • To avoid the aforementioned causes, here are the solutions you can take to solve the problem, as follows:
  • The warehouse can make a stock count result for each item if the quantity of goods is very much. This avoids misrecording so that the warehouse can classify items easily.
  • When calculating items, use the smallest units to avoid mistakes. The slightest mistake can affect the calculation of the stock of existing goods.
  • The company also needs to pay attention to the warehouse layout. Place goods within easy reach and following the classification and storage location so that the inspection process and calculation of data can run easily.
  • Do not forget to conduct regular physical checks to see the physical condition of each item. If the goods are found damaged, the warehouse can immediately resolve the problem.
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