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Duties And Responsibilities Of Warehouse Staff

Duties And Responsibilities Of  Warehouse Staff
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To run a management and operational activities of the warehouse properly, a Supervisor or head warehouse cannot work alone.

He needs the help and cooperation of a Warehouse solid team. In addition, to warehouse operators, there is one who is quite a role in helping to complete the work of the head of warehouse and communicate it to the other warehouse personnel who are a warehouse Staff.

In some companies that are large enough may be the position of deputy head of warehouse depends on the large small warehouse unit that must be handle. But for the medium and small companies The office does not exist. So the duties and responsibilities of the deputy Chief of warehouse was taken over by a warehouse Staff.

So in addition to assisting the head of warehouse to manage the operational warehouse, especially with regards to the administration of warehouses, a warehouse staff also has the responsibility of the more that help the tasks of the head warehouse such as in the case of disciplinary personnel in the warehouse, 5S activities in the warehouse and so on.

To give more information of the task of a warehouse Staff then here I try to write and share to you about the main tasks and responsibilities of a warehouse Staff, as follows:
  • Become a leader for warehouse operators.
  • Assisting Supervisor warehouse in running warehouse operations to run smoothly.
  • Perform division of duties and activities of warehouse operators.
  • Monitoring and controlling tasks from warehouse operators, warehouse checkers, and forklift operators to keep warehouse operations running smoothly.
  • Manage the loading and unloading process of the goods properly and according to applicable SOP.
  • Make warehouse activity report to Supervisor or head of warehouse.
  • Responsible for receipt, storage of stock goods to be safe from theft, damage and fire.
That is the article about the duties and responsibilities of a warehouse Staff. By knowing these basic tasks you as a warehouse Staff then you can help your boss in managing the warehouse well.

Remember, whether or not the management of warehouse management is also strongly influenced by your competence and ability as a warehouse staff in assisting the tasks of the head of warehouse.

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