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The Criteria, Duties And Responsibilities Of Warehouse And Logistics Managers

The Criteria, Duties And Responsibilities Of Warehouse And Logistics Managers
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In managing the operational activities of the warehouse and Logistics Division in need of a skilled manager and master warehousing system and logistics well. Also, in need of a manager who can delegate tasks to his men because so many jobs are under his control and must be completed properly, quickly, and also on time.

Here's a bit of an article about qualifying a warehouse and logistics manager, please read well who knows useful to you.

A warehouse and logistics manager is responsible for managing the management of the warehouse and Logistics Division in order to run effectively and efficiently by referring to the procedures and regulations applicable in the company.

The responsibilities of a warehouse and logistics manager in general (outline) are:
  • Assisting the Head of Manufacturing to build long-term targets for the next 5 years and poured in the form of annual short-term targets for departments under its authority in accordance with existing data.
  • Together with the Head of Supply Chain, the long-term strategy for the next 5 years is poured out in the annual short-term strategy for departments under its authority.
  • Make the standard operating procedure (SOP) associated with the section under its authority and ensure it supports the achievement of pre-defined organizational targets.
  • Supervise and control performance according to the specified target.
  • Conducting internal coordination of departments and maintaining cross-division relations in order to cooperate in achieving the company's established targets.
  • Establish relationships with external parties related to government officials.
  • Establish a relationship with external parties to private officials.
  • Make a plan for the cost needed by the part under its authority and poured out in the annual budget.
  • To make an application for operational expenses, ensure the cost efficiency, utilization of costs that have been given in accordance with the policy of authority and budgeting system.
  • Create a cost proposal that is outside the authorization policy and budget by attaching a support evaluation.
  • Submitting proposed rotations, promotions, mutations to levels under the manager according to the requirements specified to meet the needs of the company.
  • Make proposals for the addition of labor outside the standards set according to the needs of the section under its authority.
  • Make proposed workforce development in their respective departments in accordance with the prevailing policies.
  • Provide training to employees who are under his authority in accordance with the competencies that refer to the needs of the company.

In addition to the general responsibilities, a warehouse and logistics manager also has a special responsibility.

Such special responsibilities are as follows:
  • Monitor the safety of the storage of goods, to be maintained quality and quantity, by coordinating with subordinates in regulating the handling of goods according to material type.
  • Develop cost budget efficiently, for the implementation of warehouse operations and distribution based on the needs of & development.
  • Monitor the accuracy of the stock data, so that the data can be used by related parties, by comparing data in computer applications with the reality of reports in the warehouse.
  • Monitor the quantity and age of the stock, to ensure the stock life does not exceed the specified target, by means of warehousing management.
  • Responsible for the smooth needs of raw material production.
  • Drafting material needs Planning
  • Develop a distribution strategy by collaborating with internal or external parties to streamline the cost and smooth distribution of goods to the customer.
  • Responsible for the needs of stock (material, finish good and supporting materials).
The authority of a warehouse and logistics manager is:
  • Determine the stock level of Finish Goods or Raw Material.
  • Apply for destruction and expenditure of goods that are not used anymore in the warehouse area.
  • Cooperate with distribution vendors and determine distribution costs.
The results of a warehouse and logistics manager are:
  • Weekly Inventory report.
  • Monthly Turn Over Ratio Inventory report.
  • Monthly Planning Material report.
  • To become a warehouse manager and logistics one must meet the criteria and requirements of certain competencies that have been set.
The following are examples of appropriate qualifications:
  • Education, Minimum Bachelor Degree
  • Male
  • Minimum of 3 years of work experience
  • Age, a maximum of 35 years
  • Communicative and assertive
  • Have a high leadership spirit
  • Understand and understand Warehouse management System and logistics
That's an example article of criteria, qualifications, duties, and responsibilities of a warehouse and logistics manager. Hopefully will give an added value to you.

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