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Tips For Managing Stock Of Warehouse Goods And Management

Tips For Managing Stock Of Warehouse Goods

Managing the stock system of goods in a warehouse and treating it properly and precisely is not a difficult thing, if we understand how to properly harvest it. Any entrepreneur needs to understand this if a managed business requires stock on the merchandise.

Mistakes in managing stock of goods can result in losses that do not slightly, let alone the stock made is a product or material is of high value. To maintain the condition of stock goods in the warehouse both in security and the control of the rotation is very needed an appropriate system and according to the type of business that runs.

The sense of the system itself is a set of interactions from subsystems, and management is the science of managing resources. The notion of the warehouse is the temporary storage of merchandise. 

In brief, the warehouse management system contains understanding: a procedure and a way of management of the interrelated activities of the company for the storage of temporary goods. 

What are the storage activities in the warehouse? Starting from receiving goods from suppliers, handling goods, spending goods to the destination, as well as the registration of goods that are up to date is a flow of activity in the outline of the management of storage of stock goods warehouse.

Some activities in the warehouse can be explained simply:

The administration is the process of recording receipts and expenditures of goods in accounting, document control, authorization, up to the reporting of stock goods.
Acceptance of goods, Procedure Ordinance How the goods enter into the warehouse because of the process of purchasing merchandise.

The storage of goods is a system of management and control so that goods can continue in good condition. The settings and storage systems ranging from incoming goods to exits ensure stay in good condition and safe.

The issuance of goods, covering the system of shipping procedures and the exit stock of goods from the warehouse because of the sale, in this case also includes the packing procedure of goods sent.

If a business is still in a small to moderate operational scale it can be directly supervised by business owners, but if on a large scale of course supervision should be entrusted to the officers who have the dedication and high integrity in position, warehouse manager or a supervisor. A chief part especially the warehouse head is obliged to master the control SOP on its part, the control should be done generally:

Operational control, information about incoming goods, outgoing goods, storage, and reporting on the availability of stock and procurement required.

Cost control, control costs arising from warehousing activities and suppress possible losses arising from operational activities and damage to merchandise.

Control of personnel, of course on a large scale is very important because of the management of human resources that work in storage or warehouse locations.

Indeed, the operational activity in the warehouse itself seems very monotonous and not dynamic, but the importance of warehouse management makes every company that requires the existence of stock goods must manage this operation properly and precisely. 

Errors in management and control can be fatal and become a real loss that is not necessary, especially on the stock of merchandise that has a short expiration period or is vulnerable to weather conditions and storage space.

To avoid such losses, the following supporting analysis is required:
  • Be sure to know and know what kind of merchandise is stored and how to treat it.
  • Implement system administration and documentation capable of monitoring out-of-flow, entry, and stock goods.
  • Set the storage way and procedure, when the goods must be suspended before shipment.
  • Although it operates with a stock computer system, it still applies a manual system or a stock card. So certain times can help if needed.
  • Apply a random check system either daily or weekly if the stock is stored in several types of goods.
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