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Best Practices Inventory And Storage Controls

Best Practices Inventory And Storage Controls
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Storage and Inventory Control processes include activities related to managing inventory and counting processes and moving goods when they are moved through the warehouse.

Warehouse layouts that support adjacent manufacturing facilities have different requirements with the distribution facilities of supporting products for stores or facilities that support customer fulfillment. Some operational activities emphasize filling the product to the point of use, and some other activities focus more on product selection or customer order fulfillment.

Apart from the main mission of a warehouse, the company has designed best practices about the storage system to meet current needs and upcoming plans. 

The company has optimized the storage location and layout of their warehouses to fit their products without the need to do restack or repalletize once the product is received by the warehouse. 

The warehouse management system will track the store location profile and assign the product correctly to the best storage location. As a result, companies that have designed the best practices of inventory and storage control have an excellent level of filling in warehouse space.

In addition to optimizing the charging space of storage locations, best practice is to minimize the travel time of goods. This means that the product with high demand should be placed closer to the next point where the product will be used. In this case, the request must be based on the number each time the product is required, not on the required number of units.

Difficulties faced when doing the process of taking goods should also be considered because it greatly affects the travel time of goods. 

Products with a high number of requests must be placed on the most accessible storage space, and are usually put on the bottom floor for warehouses that use racking system and altitude should be at the ideal level that is at the waist or shoulder limit if it is forced to be placed inside the shelf.

Not all companies have the requirement to track a product with a large number of serial numbers, but if that is necessary, the company still needs to do the best practices of inventory control by integrating that capability into their warehouse and shipping processes, for example by using a manual recording system to manage the number of serial numbers data.

Today, most of the companies have focused many of the DSN doing business to do the best practices of inventory control and storage of their products by how to design their warehouse layout from the beginning properly and correctly.

But unfortunately, according to survey data that as many as half of these companies then did not have an ongoing process to review the layout of their warehouses. 

Review how the storage area is configured and then reconfigure the storage area because the change in the number and type of products is considered a best practice and is critical to maintaining a high level of warehouse utilization and efficiency. 

Making small adjustments continuously for the shelves of goods or other storage equipment can greatly increase the utilization of your warehouse space.

Nowadays, almost all software warehousing (software) is running and based on data. Therefore product and storage location data must be stored properly and must be accurate.

The company with best practices of inventory and storage controls will retain all information about the current logging system accurately. Product Data must include all product characteristics including cubication data, weight, product serial number, and other special requirements so that products can be directed to a dedicated storage area.

Dedicated storage areas can be used to separate products with fire risk or that require temperature control. While for high-value products may require a storage location that can be locked or controlled with restricted access. This will prevent the theft of actions committed, either by employees themselves or others.

That's a description of the inventory and storage control best practices. Hopefully, the above description can add to your insight into the management of warehousing and inventory of goods.

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