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The Main Tasks Of The Logistic Staff

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The Main Tasks Of The Logistic Staff

In addition to a Manager of Logistics and Distribution, this division is also headed by a Supervisor with help by a Staff of logistics and some of the operators in the logistics section.

In the previous article, I have discussed the duties and responsibilities of a Manager Logistics and Distribution, the task of Supervisor of Logistics and Distribution, so in this article, I will discuss the Duties And Role of Staff Logistics.


The purpose of the position of the Staff of Logistics is to manage the division logistics and distribution in a professional manner, to achieve targets or work programs that have been set by the Logistics Supervisor, to run the management functions which are Planning, Organizing, Actuating, Controlling well.


To support the smooth operations of the logistics and distribution, then a Staff Logistics should establish a relationship with:
  • All sections or divisions within the company.
  • External relations Vendor logistics


In general, Staff Logistics have a common responsibility, namely:
  • Run the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)
  • Run the WI (Work Instruction or Work Instructions) has been determined.
  • Make a monthly report of Logistics that will be given to his superiors.


The main tasks of the Staff of Logistics, as follows:
  • Published order shipping lines based on a delivery plan.
  • Plan and organize the delivery of the goods, so immediately sent to the customer, in accordance with the SPM (Letter Command Fit) are accepted, with how to customize the goods by transport vehicle as well as set the route to send effectively and efficiently.
  • Ordered the process of unloading the goods into the transport vehicle in accordance with the priority, so plan send can be accomplished in accordance with the level of urgency of the delivery.
  • Ensure proof of handover of the goods or the DN (Delivery Note) the original is returned by the sender of goods (Truck Drivers or internal company transport external) as soon as possible, so that the DN can be used by the Collection to do the billing to the customer, by way of monitoring the return of the Original DN every day.


As for the work of the Staff of the Logistics is as follows:
  • Report Service Levels Monthly Distribution


To occupy a position as a Staff Logistics must meet the following criteria:
  • Education Min high SCHOOL, or Equivalent
  • Work experience at least 1 year
  • Age Max 30 years (for new employees from outside the company)
  • Have a special skill (Computer)
Thus a description of the Duties And Role of Staff Logistics. Hopefully it will be useful for you.

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