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The Main Tasks Of The Warehouse Staff

The Main Tasks Of The Warehouse Staff

In a manufacturing company, usually, there are three warehouses are in use to run the business and its operational activities, namely the warehouse of Raw Materials (RM), warehouse Finish Good (FG), and the Spare part warehouse.

Each warehouse has a different function. Warehouse Raw Material (RM) or on call as the raw materials warehouse is the warehouse in use as a place of reception and storage of raw materials or component parts and other supporting materials for the production process.

Warehouse Finish Good (FG) is a repository that is in use to receive and store goods results of production before sending it to customers.

While the Spare part warehouse is a warehouse used to store goods spare parts that will be sold to customers (retail and distributors), as part of the activities of after-sales service (after-sales).

In the organizational structure in the company, the third such warehouses under the auspices of a Manager of a warehouse and a warehouse Chief (Supervisor), a Foreman (or staff) for each warehouse, and was helped by some people warehouse operator (helper) at each warehouse.

In the previous article, I have explained the duties and responsibilities of a Head of the warehouse, job warehouse Staff Finish Good, the task of the Staff of the warehouse of Spare parts, and the task of the warehouse operator (helper). 

And on this occasion, I will discuss the Duties And the Role of the Warehouse Staff because it is not I have discussed in my articles before.


The purpose of the post of warehouse Staff Raw Material this is to manage the activities of the division warehouse Raw Material in a professional manner, to achieve targets or work programs that have been set by the Head of the warehouse, with the running of management functions i.e. Planning, Organizing, Actuating, Controlling well.

In the organizational structure, the position of attack of the Staff of the warehouse Raw Material is as follows (see the image below).

The Main Tasks Of The Warehouse Staff


The duties And the Role of the Warehouse Staff are as follows:
  • Ensure the availability of raw materials for the production process in accordance with the minimum standard of stock that has been set.
  • Manage the storage of goods in accordance with the standards set and ensure the quality and quantity of the raw material remains safe.
  • Do the cycle count (cycle count) on a periodic basis.
  • Receive and check goods delivered by the supplier, to ensure the conformity of the goods with the specifications required, in accordance with the proof of handover of the goods, which includes therein the name or category of goods, quantity, PO number and so on.
  • Determine the location of the storage of raw material, so that the product is placed appropriately, with how to write the code storage location (block and shelf) on card stock.
  • Carry out the implementation of the concept of FIFO and 5R in the work shed.
  • Create PR (purchase requisition) as per requirement based on the production plan from PPIC.
  • Carry out the administrative expenditure and receipts in the system (ERP).


A warehouse Staff has the responsibility in general, namely:
  • Run the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).
  • Run the WI (Work Instruction or Work Instructions) that has been set.
  • Create a monthly report that will be given to the supervisor (Head of Warehouse).


The results of the work of a Staff of warehouse Raw Material is in the form of a summary report of receipt of incoming goods in a month.
  • Reports the Stock Opname warehouse.


To be able to occupy a position as a Staff Gudang Raw Material, it must meet the following criteria:
  • Education Min high SCHOOL, or Equivalent
  • Work experience 1 year
  • Age Max 30 years (if recruited new employees from outside the company)
  • Have a special skill (Computer)

That's the reviews about the The Main Tasks Of The Warehouse Staff. Hopefully it will be useful for You.

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