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Storage Area Network Can Increase The Storage Capacity

Storage Area Network Can Increase The Storage Capacity
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Storage Area Network Can Increase The Storage Capacity

These days, any organization's main concern is to store and maintain the vital information securely. These organizations use servers as their basic storage devices. The server can store and provide access to the data within the organizational network. 

It also provides network connections and allows external devices to maintain the data. It has limited capacity and thus, cannot manage the immense growing information. Every company is growing rapidly and so are the business requirements. Data is also growing swiftly along with the business. So, it is important to maintain the data securely without losing any information.

Generally, most of the companies prefer storage area network (SAN) devices to pile up and maintain the data. It can augment the business performance and competency with low latency. It is a shared storage device that provides a high-speed network. 

SAN is a system that consists of storage devices, elements, computers, and many other components. It can directly connect to the server to maintain the capacity and processing power. It can retrieve the information, in case of any disk failure with a disaster recovery feature. These are preferred by all kinds of companies ranging from small to large. 

It works efficiently towards the storage system to provide the maximum capacity. It contains several disks for saving and maintaining the massive amount of information. SAN also help the server in reducing the downtime and tune the task to manage the heavy workloads.

SAN's main purpose is to transfer the data from the computer to storage devices. It consists of basic infrastructure and communication slots to connect physical devices and a management layer to organize the connections for computers, storage systems, and elements to maintain secure data transfer. 

It plays a significant role in organizations to manage the entire network connections of computer resources. Generally, SAN performs many server functionalities like dick mirroring, monitoring, archiving the data, restore and backup, retrieval of archived data, data migration, and many more from one device to another one. It can also share the information among different domains in different servers by using a network connection.

SAN integrates sub-networks with NAS (network-attached storage) but is a completely different form. SAN can be accessed over Ethernet protocols through fiber channel, InfiniBand, iSCSI, and many more. It cannot be connected directly if you are using TCP or IP protocols. 

These protocols should be implemented to offer data access. TCP or IP protocols can be used for reading and writing files on file servers and web servers. Thus, the storage area network is an effective device to work on network connections to manage the data.

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