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The Advantages Of Using Online Courier Services

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The Advantages Of Using Online Courier Services
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The Advantages Of Using Online Courier Services

There are over 9,000 courier services in the country earning over $8 billion in revenue each year. These services provide same-day local delivery of packages in major urban areas and sometimes offer national and international package delivery. 

More than 70 percent of these services are small businesses with few employees operating locally. Although the popularity of e-commerce lowered the number of couriers, the number is slowly rising again due to online businesses. 

Online couriers allow clients to interact with the service seamlessly through a website or application. Using an online service will save companies money for several reasons.

Here are the reasons why companies prefer online delivery:

1. No Travel

An online service is accessed completely through a website on the Internet. This means that there is no need for anyone to leave the office and travel to a physical storefront or common pickup location. 

The courier will arrive and pick up the package at the designated time. Making an online request also saves time that might be spent sitting on hold on the phone. This saves businesses money by eliminating the need for one or more employees to take time away from critical business tasks just to arrange a pickup or to walk a parcel to a location outside of the office that might be very far away.

2. Logistics

An online courier service provides greatly simplified logistics for small, medium, and large businesses. The online interface allows a single person to enter requests for pickups and deliveries from several different sources without having to visit different departments or check the bins in a mailroom. 

Some services also have customer management tools available so that individual pickups can be canceled or changed. Businesses working in time-sensitive industries will have better logistics and an optimized workflow because proof of delivery will be instantly available through the website.

3. Predictable Costs

Some traditional couriers keep logs of deliveries and then charge clients for all services over a certain period at the end of the week or month. This can be very confusing when budgeting or attempting to track individual expenses by departments or employees. 

Many online courier services will provide instant quotes for deliveries based on the size of the package, the delivery distance, and the required delivery time frame. This allows businesses to save money when budgeting by having very accurate records of the cost of deliveries. The quotes and even invoice numbers are sometimes available as soon as orders are placed allowing the instant recording of data.

4. Lower Overhead

Some online couriers provide lower-cost deliveries and a wider range of services than what is offered by traditional services. Part of this is because the couriers have a lower amount of overhead. Orders that are placed online can be transmitted to a central pool that is accessible to couriers through a mobile device. 

This means couriers make more deliveries in a shorter amount of time and do not have to return to a central office after every few assignments. Another feature is better scheduling. Online services often offer international and long-range shipping in addition to same-day courier delivery because web-based interfaces make defining complex information easier for clients.

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