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What Is A Storeman? What Is A Storeman Job?

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What Is A Storeman? What Is A Storeman Job?
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What Is A Storeman? What Is A Storeman Job? According to the definition and understanding issued by oxforddictionary, Storeman was a man in charge of the goods stored (in the warehouse).

From these definitions and understandings we can conclude that Storeman is the person in charge of controlling the flow of goods from within the warehouse, monitoring incoming and outgoing goods, security, efficient movement of goods and handling items while keeping records of transactions in and out of goods.

The duties and roles of a Storeman are essential for any business (company) that has a stock record of goods or a large amount of equipment. 

Storeman's duties may vary from company to company, but in general, it is the duty of the storeman to be responsible for managing all the functions of transaction activities, documentation of goods and equipment. 

They should make sure that the stock level inside the warehouse does not run out (empty). They must also track all types of inventory expenditures from within the warehouse, as well as keep all records of their transaction mutations.

What Is A Storeman Job?

As a reference for you, here are the main tasks of a Storeman that you need to know, among others:

1. Planning And Handling Of Inventory Stock

One of the main tasks of a storeman is to be responsible for tracking all matters related to the inventory of goods. Storemen should monitor current stock levels to decide whether to order goods back or not, as well as organize existing inventory, making it easier and safer to access.

2. Control Costs And Expenses

It is the duty of Storeman to find the source (Supplier) of the cheapest and most quality goods for inventory stock and keep all accurate records of the income of the goods expenses that occur. Along with this, Storeman is responsible for monitoring where supplies will be purchased, how much of its goods and which departments are shopping. 

To do so, Storeman will make a note for each Department signed on the delivery of the goods. Each company has its own different methods for recording the details of these records. 

Some companies may choose to record it in one ledger (Log Book), while others prefer to store it in the form of an electronic database. Storeman is responsible for assisting in developing the most efficient system for it.

3. Receiving Delivery of Goods

Storeman is responsible for receiving all shipments of goods ordered from suppliers. He must ensure that the goods are not damaged, the quality is in accordance with the specified technical requirements and the amount is in accordance with the purchase order (PO). 

He is also responsible for arranging the delivery of finished goods and products to customers. He must ensure that the product is in accordance with the order (order), is well packaged and ensures timely delivery to the customer by selecting a reliable expedition.

4. Maintaining The Safety and Security of Goods

Another aspect of Storeman's work is ensuring the safety and security of goods in the warehouse. He must ensure that there are adequate security systems inside the warehouse, including warehouse guards, surveillance cameras, and alarm (security) systems. 

He must also enforce strict rules relating to the health and safety of warehouse workers by training staff on appropriate practices within the warehouse, as well as emergency procedures in the event of a fire or other incident.

In general, companies will usually assign some important requirements, tasks and qualifications from Storeman when they open a job opening for the position.

Task and Responsibility

And here I will share with you some things related to it, including:

1. General Responsibility

Some common responsibilities of Storeman, namely:
  • Compliance with safety, safety and health procedures
  • Keeping the warehouse tidy
  • Use computerized systems, barcode scanners and other technologies to record the movement of goods.
2. Tasks - Storeman Tasks

As for the tasks of Storeman, among others:
  • Receipt of Goods
  • Unloading goods from suppliers
  • Check that the correct quantity and type of goods have been received
  • Record any damaged, lost or damaged items
  • sign a complete goods delivery form
  • Move goods to the correct area in the warehouse, either manually or using mechanical handling equipment
  • Item labels
  • Storage And Stock Control
  • Allocate storage space in the warehouse
  • Relocation and reordering of goods to create new storage space
  • Keep records (manual or computerized) of goods, their location and quantity
  • Re-order if the stock level is too low in the warehouse
  • Delivery of Goods
  • Selection of goods that customers have ordered
  • Keep a record of selected items
  • Set up delivery notes and their labels
  • Delivering goods for delivery
In addition to these tasks, some warehouse assistants may have other additional responsibilities, such as:
  • In cooperation with manufacturers, distributors and customers
  • Set up a shipping fleet to deliver goods to customers
  • Quality control of incoming goods or outgoing goods
  • Maintain stable conditions or temperatures (e.g. for damaged foodstings, chemicals)

Qualification And Requirements

1. Qualifications And Educational Requirements
  • Bachelor degre in Management or Economy (Equivalent)
  • 3 to 5 years experience in the same field
  • Certificate in inventory control program
2. What kind of skills do you need for this job?
  • Have knowledge of storage practices and procedures
  • Have knowledge of the value, terminology and use of supply chains and materials handled in the assigned store facilities
  • Have some knowledge of the procedure of purchasing goods
  • Has the ability to supervise subordinate work
  • Has the ability to understand and execute oral and written instructions
  • Have the ability to build and maintain effective working relationships that require team work tasks
  • Has physical strength and dexterity
  • Can pay attention to detail
  • Have patience
  • Be a good team work
  • Responsible
  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy
  • Have special skills related to warehousing
  • Have good verbal communication skills
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