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Cold Storage Development (4 Things To Be Concern)

Cold Storage Development
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Cold Storage Development - Before building cold storage several stages need to be considered with details ranging from planning, designing, construction, and selection of the system to be used.

Here are some stages in building cold storage, among others:

1. Planning

Some items that you must concern are:
  • Determination of commodities to be stored (freeze/chiller/controlled temperature)
  • Expected room temperature
  • Activities carried out inside the warehouse (frozen activity, packaging, further processing)
  • Mode of transportation that will perform loading-unloading activities in the warehouse
  • Throughput of products to be stored in the warehouse
  • Desired warehouse capacity
  • Warehouse construction and operational budget
  • Warehouse construction completion time target
  • Desired location
2. Design

Some items that you must concern are:
  • How Wide the Warehouse?
  • What is the Height of the warehouse?
  • Location and number of chambers
  • Number of loading docks and loading gates
  • The thick cold storage wall
  • Warehouse foundation and floor thickness
  • Office location and other supporting rooms
  • Energy and water sources
  • Drainage and waste management (if there is further processing activity)
  • Examples of cold storage design with facilities of 14 truck loading docks, 3 railcar loading docks, and all refrigerated docks can be seen in the following image
3. Construction

Some items that you must concern are:
  • Excavation, Sonder, and stake
  • Create foundations on warehouse land
  • Construction of frames and roofs
  • Wall, floor, and thermal insulation builders
  • Installation of power grids and water pipes
  • Construction of other warehouse fittings
The main construction of cold storage is the insulation panel which can technically inhibit temperature transfer/tethering from inside the cooling room so that tempers in the cooling room can be maintained as expected. Insulation panel specifications include:
  • Internal/External Skin: Pre-painted steel, Off-white finishing coat, corrosion-resistant, food-grade, anti-bacterial
  • Thermal Conductivity: + 0.015 to 0.018 kg/m3
  • Core Density: 38 – 40 kg/m
  • Temp. Range: -50aC to +80aC
  • Compressive Strength: 166 km/m at 10% compression
  • Length: 1M – 2M
  • Water absorption: Nile
  • Cam-Lock Joint System
  • Suitable for small duty cold room
  • Examples of doors and walls for cold storage
4. Selection of the system to be used and the isolation panel
  • Insulation panel (PIR, PUR)
  • Refrigeration Unit
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Supporting Hardware
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Lighting System
  • Office Equipment
The cost of cold storage consists of two kinds, namely:

Investment Fee
  • Preparation costs include land, preparatory work (land equalization, coordination costs, K3 costs, security, and installation of fences), land works (foundation and land use), and heavy equipment rental costs.
  • Construction and Flooring costs include steel construction, wall work (including ceilings, doors, stairs), concrete workmanship, door and window work, and floor work
  • Electrical, Mechanical, and Sanitation costs include roofing and construction, sanitation work, electrical work, and C02 cooling equipment and installation.
  • Facility and Infrastructure costs include public facilities (post-security, office, prayer room, etc.), fence work, channel and trench work, parking area work, and work equipment costs
  • The total cost of cold storage development investment consists of four components of cost-plus construction services 10% and consultant services 3% of the total cost of the investment.
Operating Costs
  • Loading and unloading power
  • Electricity costs
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Manpower/employee
  • Stationery and Supplies
  • Security services
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reference : SCI

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