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Warehouse Design-Best Practice Solutions


Warehouse Design-Best Practice Solutions

Warehouse & Distribution Centre Design - An effective warehouse design must take into account a wide range of factors from all areas of the operation. The design of a warehouse can have an impact on your overall operations. In turn, this will affect inventory control, process flows, and space utilization. 

The scope of a warehouse design plan should encompass inventory levels, cycle, and variance in inventory throughout the business year, cost of space, warehouse managing operations, cost of inventory transport, and flexibility for future change adjustments in product or demand.

Supply Chain Logistics Consulting Ltd takes all of these issues into account, creating an effective warehouse design for your company. we have extensive experience in warehouse layout design and has produced and implemented warehouse designs for a variety of different industries.

First, we investigate your overall operations by collecting process flow information and supporting data on inter-departmental transactional processes, company inventory strategy, planning constraints, plans, and, of course, the proposed cost of the new layout.

To define your warehouse design needs, we study the demands for the new warehouse in terms of the critical operational requirements:

  • Customer order lead-times
  • Warehouse space
  • Inventory- volume, movements, number of SKU's
  • Operational methods
  • Inventory and storage strategies
  • Inventory and locating control systems
  • WMS systems
  • Warehouse handling
  • Transportation and materials handling needs
  • Storage requirements and methods
  • Pick face replenishment needs
  • Planning constraints
  • Cross-docking
  • Added value logistics

We can develop a warehouse design concept that integrates all these factors. The conceptual design serves as a foundation and guide for the detailed warehouse layout design. We use the very latest in warehouse design tools to create the design concept.

We then produce some layout alternatives. The different options are compared and contrasted through a detailed decision-making process, and the most applicable layout is chosen.

Option 1

Option 2

 The chosen layout optimizes:

  • Space utilization and warehouse efficiency
  • Warehouse management and operations methods
  • Warehouse materials handling systems and materials & information flow
  • Setup and operations costs
  • In implementing the new warehouse design, we will:
  • Write order specifications for storing, handling equipment, and examine supplier proposals to recommend suppliers.
  • Establish inventory and location control systems and perform an analysis of existing warehouse information systems
  • Define operating procedures and personnel needs and positions


  • Our warehouse design effectively supports the interaction between the warehouse and the overall organization.
  • A thorough assessment before design will eliminate duplication of old layout inefficiencies in the new design.
  • The new design will reduce walking and transport distances considerably, rendering the total inventory management process more efficient.
  • We match the storage space to your company's needs while still making the layout flexible to accommodate future changes, using soft boundaries where ever possible.
  • Our consultants go beyond a basic design plan, to ensure that the design works as planned and implementation runs as smoothly as possible.
  • Typically, we will improve warehouse productivity by 30-40%

Hopefuly this article will give some improvement to your warehouse design.

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