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Business Where Supply Chain Management Became Most Creative

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Business Where Supply Chain Management Became Most Creative

Business Where Supply Chain Management Became Most Creative - Before we go through our discussion in regard to introducing the kind of business where supply chain management became most creative we need to define supply chain management and specify how it works to provide a basic understanding of the working principles of supply chain management. 

Supply chain management is the stream or discipline of management that is focused on managing several interconnected businesses to provide product or service to the end consumer. Some particular kinds of business endeavors or industries work in extremely close network of such chain of cooperating businesses to serve the end customer or consumer and they value supply chain management as one of the major attributes of their whole business model. 

We would introduce here some of the industries or business where supply chain management became most creative or most dominant.


No business or company can run without the support or service of logistical company and for many industries or business logistics is considered to be the inevitable and irreplaceable part of their business process. 

Logistical service had to undergo great range of technical changes over the years following changes in business principles, production, market strategies and huge technological development in various industries. 

Being a key component of the business process in various companies the business of logistics had to follow these changes and this is the reason why logistics is considered to be one of the prime types of business where supply chain management became most creative.

Retail Chain

With the forces of globalization being dominant, retail industry like its birth place in the countries of industrially developed west bloomed all over the world and encompassed many countries and markets. 

Today in a vast majority of the retail markets all over the world retail chains as an organized force of retail business is most dominant and through great range of technical developments and new dynamics of consumerism it has become one of the most creative field involving business interaction and initiatives with diverse range of companies in different product categories, services like brand promotion, security assistance, billing assistance, outsourcing employees, logistics, inventory, etc. 

This is the reason why retail chain is up in the rank among the types of business where supply chain management became most creative.


Automobile is one of the few industries that took great involvement in elevating our standard of life throughout many courses of social history and one of the crucial industries to play a big role in the technological and economic progress of the country. 

As a technical manufacturing industry it went through greatest range of technological brilliance and the business involves the interaction of various other business endeavors or industries to present the end product to its prospective consumers with all necessary attributes. 

Automobile manufacturing needs smooth and regular supply of car accessories, techniques involved in gradation or standardization, logistics, etc. and all these different processes are invariably taken care by various other companies or agencies. In the next part insurance for the produced car and distribution network involves the service of other businesses. 

Naturally the whole automobile industry is quintessentially dependent on the supply chain management and its creative process to take care of the involvement of various businesses towards the goal of serving the end consumer.

Though we mentioned here only a few of the most prominent ones among the business where supply chain management became most creative, today the involvement of creative supply chain management is visible in every industries or business endeavors.

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