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4 Things to Do Today to be a More Productive Supply Chain Manager

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4 Things to Do Today to be a More Productive Supply Chain Manager

4 Things to Do Today to be a More Productive Supply Chain Manager 

Are you a morning person? If you are not, you may find that it is more difficult to get going each day at work. Most morning people appear more organized and motivated at work since they are in on time, if not early, and working in a good mood before the boss arrives. 

As a supply chain manager, you may be hoping to get the attention of your boss and show your commitment as well.  If you have trouble doing so, here are some things to help you make your day more productive.

1. Make a to-do list

Many supply chain managers have a to-do list – either a project list or a quick jot of things to do today. If you have an organized to-do list, planned for each day, you will find that you are a much more productive supply chain manager and can get more done not having to waste time each day trying to remember when you have to do next.

2. Be rested

Getting enough sleep, feeling rested, and not hitting the snooze and then feeling frenzied and rushed can make a big difference. Be sure to get enough sleep each night and arrive on time and rested to show your dedication to your job and be alert and focused on your day from the moment you arrive.

3. Get physical

A good way to feel awake and focused is to start your day with a good workout. Many supply chain managers find that working out in the morning helps them prepare mentally and physically for their day.  Even if you are not a morning person, you may find a morning workout to be a great way to get yourself ready for your day.

4. Check-in with your boss and subordinates 

Many successful supply chain managers start their day with a quick check-in with their employees, team, and/or boss.  Knowing how everyone is, where they are on their daily to-do list, and finding out from the boss if there are any fires to put out or important meetings that have come up is a good way to know how to schedule your day. 

Ensuring your goals and the goals of your team align with the company’s big picture is imperative to being successful as a supply chain manager.

5 Ways to Stay Focused and Be Productive as a Supply Chain Manager

Every supply chain manager knows that his time is worth money and that being productive is the key to a successful career. As a supply chain manager, you may be looking for ways to maximize your time and ensure you are meeting and exceeding your potential.  

Here are some ways to ensure you stay focused and productive as a supply chain manager:

Get Physical 

One of the best ways that you can stay focused and be a productive supply chain manager is to take care of yourself. That means getting some exercise weekly and getting up and moving daily. Staying hunched over your desk, staring at your computer can be draining. 

Set a timer to work on a project then get up each hour and move around. Do some desk exercises, take the stairs to another floor, walk around outside, take the long way to the water fountain – just ensure you get physical each day and exercise weekly.


Prioritizing your tasks and projects can help you stay focused and on top of what is important. Taking the time to prioritize your tasks based on clients, dates and deadlines will help ensure nothing slips by and that you are effectively productive. 

Figure out the best way for you to prioritize your work and then take the time to do it. If you prefer an electronic device, carry it with you. If you prefer a paper calendar, make sure you find one that works for you. If you work best with yellow sticky notes and color-coded folders, make it work and make sure your team understands your system.

Take a Minute 

Take a minute each day to make sure you are taking care of your business.  Take a minute for yourself, whether it is returning calls, talking with friends and loved ones, or working out at the gym, to make sure you can focus on work when you are working. 

Taking a moment to take care of your personal needs will help make sure that you are not distracted regularly by other businesses.

Get Hydrated 

It may seem simple but staying hydrated makes sure you feel good, have energy, and aren’t sluggish during your day.  This will help you stay focused while working. This is a great way to make sure you get up from your desk and stretch your legs during the day as well.  

Make sure you drink plenty of water each day.  Drinking water will keep you healthy and hydrated so that you can stay focused and productive during your workday.


One of the best things to do each day is to recap your day and make any notes of items that need to be followed up on or upcoming dates that need to be addressed.  Doing a recap at the end of your day will help you the next day or even the rest of the week to stay focused and productive. 

As a supply chain manager, you will find that taking a moment to plan and then recap will save you time in the end.

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