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Mistake in Developing Inventory Management Software


Mistake in Developing Inventory Management Software

Mistake in Developing Inventory Management Software - Implementing new technology often involves huge investment and it may involve a lot of people's time and effort. But this exercise will be much appreciated when the new technology can help and speed up the daily work processes. 

The same thing happening if any organization wants to implement the inventory management software. By using this tool, the organization will tide their work with the system and as such, this system must be good enough to cater to the main daily work processes.

Because of this effort, the organization must be taken into consideration in all aspects before decided to implement this system. 

The most common mistake of this exercise is listed below:

1.No proper user requirement specification conducted

This is a major disaster in any software development. Without proper user requirement specification, the system that going to be developed is often based on the programmer's imagination without proper support from the actual work processes. 

This problem may because of the poor management between the system developer and the end-user. This user requirement specification is a document that will describe what is the scope of the system and it will define the actual process starting from the data entry until reporting module. 

Failure to this type of exercise or this exercise is not being conducted properly, the document produces from this user requirement specification tends to be biased to the specific user. And even worst if this document is being documented without final checking from this user. 

The user of the system must be brief on their scope of work so that their expectation is tally with the function that is written in the user requirement specification. Therefore, it is a need for the end-user itself to ensure their need is catered into this document.

2. Financial budget

Most of the organizations do not appreciate the new system to be used in their organization. As such, the organization does not paying their attention to allocate budget and funds to implement this system. It is important that the management of the organization need to be brief on the advantage of implementing this system in their organization. 

By giving some understanding of the benefits of implementing this software to the organization, the management level will be able to predict and forecast how much fund they need to allocate to implement such software. 

The return of this investment can only be achieved if the financial and budget to implement this software are in place.

3. Staff attitude

The success of this software to monitor the assets and goods of the organization is very much dependent on how the staff appreciate and use it. Often the staff who are getting used to the conventional way to manage their work do not know how to use the software. 

This is not because of the complexity of the software nor technicality, but more towards of the staff attitude. Training needs to be given to them and awareness needs to be conducted in the organization so that each and everyone in the organization will use this software, not because of the management instruction, but the benefits that they are going to get by using such software.

4. Software Maintenance

As the hardware and other technology change over time, it is necessary to ensure the inventory management software maintenance is in place. Without software maintenance, the is no support if the system is the breakdown. 

The bugs of the system need to be fixed when the system goes Live. This kind of problem hard to detect during the trial period, only when the system goes live, more and more bugs or issues can be identified. As such, with the software maintenance is available, the user will be getting the support as and when is required.

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