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Warehouse Management System for Efficient Inventory Control


Warehouse Management System for Efficient Inventory Control

Warehouse Management System for Efficient Inventory Control - Inventory Control refers to the operation of stockrooms, supply depots, and small warehouses, where inventory is consumed. 

Warehouse Management System (WMS) software solution helps Small and Mid-size Enterprises (SMEs) to keep track of inventory operations inside their facility, or outdoors if company has a stockyard. 

Warehouse Management System helps you to manage your warehouse well from inventory control, shipping and receiving, to order fulfillment and help you to reduce considerable cost of inventory management every month.

A manufacturing business moves around the warehouse. Making certain that your products are delivered on time and reach at your customer’s location is vital to the success of your business’s operations.  

When mobility is expanded from purchasing of raw material to converting to finish good in a manufacturing plant, to sending goods to distribution center; a new level of competency, correctness and visibility is attained.

Your personnel collect their orders each through the printer. Orders are then selected, packed, and transported with a paper trail tracking every step of the process.  That information is then provided to a person in the company who enters it into your system and files it away.  

In case an inconsistency occurs with a customer’s order or invoice, you would just need to reference both your system and file cabinets to find out the problem.

The above mentioned situation is a distinctive scenario highlighting the following issues:

Access to data is usually slowed because the data is entered to the system after hour’s days of week. Data is not 100% accurate. Failed to ship often occur.Invoices are sent out weeks after shipments are sent.Inventory items are hard to locate as they moved because there is no tracking system in the warehouse.

A strong warehouse management system helps enterprises to run their warehouse functions more professionally.  It can be as easy as helping out various parts of the warehouse, like transporting or receiving, or become as engrossed as providing you assistance to figure out where to store inventory based upon historical usage levels and cost of goods.

A Warehouse Management System software solution can mostly be tailored and customized to fit an organization’s distinctive processes.  However alike organizations look from the outside, their processes usually have exclusive characteristics that a true Warehouse Management System application can match to.  

Join the WMS with a wireless network, mobile computers, RFID technology, and voice picking applications and you can fully extend your enterprise to the mobile worker, increase efficiencies, and increase customer service.

An efficient WMS application helps you to expand your enterprise to:

Your wharf can stay responsive of delivered shipments not reached at their location yet. See the location of all inventories in warehouse.  Direct your staff to the right location, and make them efficient to process orders.

Ensure error free and productive selection process. Scanning items process should ensure the right item at the right quantity is selected. Make sure the accuracy of each order that is selected and find out the relative size carton for shipping of items to reduce material costs.

Make sure that each order is properly packed and transported to the right place and delivered on the right date.

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