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3 Career Mistakes to Consider in the Supply Chain Management Field

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3 Career Mistakes to Consider in the Supply Chain Management Field

3 Career Mistakes to Consider in the Supply Chain Management Field 

Whether you are new to the supply chain management field or just getting started, if you want to be successful and stay successful in your field, you want to develop your career path. 

To develop your career path, you want to avoid these common career mistakes.

Not finding a mentor 

It may not seem important but it truly is. Finding a mentor is one of the best things you can do for your supply chain management career. Also, not finding a mentor can lead to a difficult road. Having a good mentor can help you plan your career, network within your field, and give you great sources of questions and issues to help you navigate your career.

Being a one-man show 

Committing career suicide typically begins with an “all about me” attitude. A quick way to end your supply chain management career is to be self-absorbed and not a team player. It is vital to be conscious of the overall plan of the company for which you work as well as a lookout for the best interest of the company, not just your career.

Getting too comfortable 

Another common career mistake that many people do not realize is a career mistake until it’s too late is getting too comfortable in your job. 

If you do not seek out additional responsibilities and continually challenge yourself, you may find yourself passed over for promotion or without a job before you realize it. As a supply chain management professional, it is important to keep challenging yourself and not get too comfortable with your current job.

There are many things you can do to shorten your supply chain management career. However, avoiding these three career mistakes can help you stay on the right track for a successful career in supply chain management.

3 Reasons Not to Make a Career Change to Supply Chain Management

If you are looking to make a career change, you will want to do some research before deciding it is a good idea. Making a career change later in life takes a lot of work and may affect your long-term marketability. 

However, if you are sure that you want to pursue a career in supply chain management, then you will want to go about your career change the right way. Many people choose to change careers for the wrong reasons. 

Here are some reasons why you should not be making a career change to supply chain management:


Making a career change simply for the money is not the best option. Though earning potential may be one reason that you are considering a career change to supply chain management, if it is the only reason you will likely find yourself with limited marketability as well as unhappy with your career change.

Other’s Success 

Switching to supply chain management based on the success of others is not a good idea either. Just because someone is successful in supply chain management does not mean that you will be. If you are not trained properly or do not have a true desire to work in the field, then changing to the field of supply chain management is not a good move.


When you are unhappy with your current job, you may think that you will be happier somewhere else doing something else. But a complete career change without a plan and proper education is a bad idea. 

Many times you are unhappy not because of your career but your circumstances; therefore, make certain you understand why you are unhappy before making any drastic and long-term decisions.

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