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3 Common Mistakes Young Supply Chain Management Professionals Make

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3 Common Mistakes Young Supply Chain Management Professionals Make

3 Common Mistakes Young Supply Chain Management Professionals Make 

You have graduated from college and are ready for that first supply chain management job.  You want to succeed and be competitive with your colleagues. But many of your colleagues have more education and experience than you do. 

How do you ensure you don’t let this intimidate you to the demise of your supply chain management career?  Here are some common mistakes young supply chain management professionals make that you should work hard to avoid.

1. Speak Up 

Many young professionals find themselves afraid to speak up.  Whether it’s because they are afraid they will be fired or aren’t sure how to voice their opinion or ask for what they want or need, both can be detrimental to supply chain management professionals if they don’t learn to overcome the fear.  

Know your worth and don’t be afraid to speak up; this will earn you respect in your field and help you move ahead in your supply chain management career.

2. Dress Professionally

Young supply chain management professionals can fall into the trap of not knowing the difference between dressing professionally and dressing casually for their age.  Dressing inappropriately, and not professionally, can lead to young professionals not being taken seriously. 

Consider what you are wearing, look around the office and see what successful professionals are wearing, and then dress for the job you want, not the one you have.

3. Be On-Time 

You aren’t in college anymore. Your boss is not your professor and he is paying you to work the hours you were hired to work.  

Too many young supply chain management professionals do not take their arrival time seriously and will find that continued tardiness can affect their professional reputation and make them appear to be a slacker.  Make sure you are on time and ready for work to keep your professional reputation a positive one.

If you are new to the supply chain management profession, you will want to take these tips seriously and consider your professional reputation and what you are saying about yourself with your timeliness, wardrobe, and self-reliance.  

Keeping it professional and remembering these key factors can help your supply chain management career be a successful one.

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