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eSourcing Strategy and eProcurement Strategy

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eSourcing Strategy and eProcurement Strategy

The range of individual solutions within the scope of eSourcing is far beyond just an eAuction application. eSourcing represents the whole process from identifying suitable vendors, to obtaining competitive terms and managing the on going supply relationship.

eSourcing Solutions

The other pages under the heading of "eSourcing Solutions" provide greater clarity on the functionality and application of each of the individual solutions.

To develop a robust eSourcing Strategy, organisations need to understand the full capability of the various solutions, the business case of cost vs. value and the potential scope for integration. Listed below are some of the issues that require clarification in establishing an eSourcing strategy:

  • Should you use the existing ERP vendor or seek an eSourcing specialist?
  • Do the various solutions need to be integrated or should you accept a "best of breed" approach?
  • Should the software be bought and hosted internally or should you pay a hosted service provider to manage it on your behalf?
  • Should you pilot a solution to increase familiarity before acquiring a license?
  • What level of implementation support will you require?
  • How can a business case be developed to support the investment?

eSourcing Solutions is highly experienced in helping organisations define their strategy for an effective implementation that delivers maximum value.

Strategic Sourcing

As experienced Supply Chain professionals, eSourcing Solutions have a high level of expertise in developing and implementing Strategic Sourcing and material category plans.

Our Strategic Sourcing methodologies take users through a rigorous process that ensures that all users have fully developed comprehensive plans in delivering maximum value to their respective supply base.

The content can be delivered in a variety of formats including classroom delivery, e-Learning capability or in working consultancy assignment.

Key benefits of our Strategic Sourcing approach include:

  • It has been developed from several users who have each experienced blue-chip or high level consultancy assignments with leading organisations
  • It also draws upon different sectors including, but not limited to, Telecoms, Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals and Automotive
  • Our methodology can be easily bespoked to internal processes and terminology
  • It is a flexible both in its scope and how it can be delivered

Developing an eProcurement Strategy

Organisations wishing to embark upon eProcurement, as a first step, need to define their strategy.

Although eProcurement represents a single solution the whole process is considerably more complex than eSourcing. More effective planning is required to manage its implementation as it has far greater impact on the day to day operations of an organisation.

Listed below are some of the issues that need to be clarified in developing an eProcurement strategy:

  • What senior executive support will sponsor its implementation and what form will this take?
  • What is the business case for an implementation?
  • Which business processes need to change?
  • What are our requirements and what solutions provide the best fit?
  • How do we ensure that suppliers will support this initiatives?
  • How and who will host and update the catalogues and price lists?
  • How can we manage the change within the wider organisation?

These and many other issues need to be clarified before embarking upon an eProcurement solution. The eProcurement PDF document provides a more in-depth summary of the issues involved.

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