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Arrangement Method in Warehouse


Arrangement Method in Warehouse

Arrangement Method in WarehousePallet company uses pallets as a tool for arranging in the warehouse. There are several ways to arrange pallets so that product storage can be done effectively. The following are some of the common ways pallets are arranged in companies.

Block Stacking

Block Stacking refers to units of the product being stacked upwards and stored lined up into rows or blocks. Pallets are stacked to a certain height based on criteria such as pallet condition, load weight including product, allowable height, and warehouse forklift capability. 

Pallets stored in this method can be retrieved by the LIFO (Last-In-First-Out) method. This method does not allow for the collection of goods by the date sorting method or FIFO. Picking up of goods can result in "honeycombing" where there is a vacancy that cannot be filled until the entire lane is empty. 

This method is inexpensive because it does not require racks and can be done in various types of warehouses with wide-open land.

Stacking Frame

Stacked pallets are made of decks and posts that can be installed and moved if needed. Stacked frames allow pallets to be stacked at a certain height and are especially useful when pallets need to be stored without being stacked. 

Many companies use stacked frames when they need temporary shelves at times when demand is increasing. With the use of stacked frames, a "honeycombing" event can also occur as in the block-stacking method.

Single-Deep Pallet Rack

Single Deep Pallet Racking (SDPR) provides access to each pallet for storage on a shelf. This also bridges the "honeycombing" of stacking frames and block stacking. When a pallet is moved, the space can be filled with other pallets. 

This type of placement can be adjusted to the desired height. The majority of companies use this method. The drawback of this method is the need for floor area to fit the hallway width.

Double-Deep Pallet Rack

The double-deep pallet rack method is a variant of the single deep rack which places two single racks in one place. This method reduces the number of passageways required, but is prone to "honeycombing", so this method is less desirable.

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