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Effective Warehouse Management Training


Effective Warehouse Management Training

Effective Warehouse Management Training - In the past, effective and efficient warehousing is the ability of the warehouse to adapt to demands to increase processing speed from Receiving, Storage, to Shipping.

However, at this time when there is a resurgence of e-commerce, integration of supply chain processes, globalization era, and just in time processes, Warehousing activities are becoming increasingly complex, sometimes even becoming a burden on increasingly expensive company costs.

Adhering to the basic principles of efficiency and accuracy as the keys to successful warehousing, this Effective Warehouse Management Training is a methodology to help solve current warehouse problems concerning the supply chain, which provides principles that can be used to streamline all types of warehousing operations. 

A good warehouse is a warehouse that can maximize space, equipment, labor, easy access to stored items, and warehouse employees' work safety and security.

To meet these demands, a disciplined, efficient, and productive industrial culture and work pattern are needed. And one of the foundations of this culture and work pattern formation is the effective and correct arrangement of the workplace.

Besides, company management must also add some training that can help improve the competence of warehouse workers. By increasing these competencies, warehouse workers will be able to work more effectively and efficiently.

The following are some of the objectives of the Effective Warehouse Management Training Program as reported on the page, including:

 1. Understand the importance of the warehousing function in the company

2. Understand the main activities in Warehousing Management

3. Understand the factors that affect the effectiveness of warehousing activities

3. Provide knowledge on how to optimize warehousing functions

4. Understand the importance of Warehouse management in the company

5. Understand the concepts and benefits of the 5S program in Warehousing Management

6. Understand the steps for starting the 5S program in the warehouse

The outline of the Effective Warehouse Management Training Program, namely:

  • The function of the warehouse in logistics activities
  • Why do warehouses need to be in the company
  • Measuring costs due to warehousing
  • Optimizing the function of the warehouse (Warehouse Optimizing)
  • The function of the warehouse ( Functions of Warehousing
  • Incoming Process
  • Material Handling in Warehouse (Material Handling)
  • Material Storage System in Warehouse (Storage System)
  • Inventory Management
  • Control of Storage Conditions (Preservation) ion Method)
  • Procurement Planning
  • Warehouse Inventory Control 
  • Warehouse
  • Equipment and Utility Control: racks, pallets, forklifts, bin cards, ventilation, lighting, and layout
  • Measuring Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • Implementation of visual management
  • Warehousing and 5S Management
  • Examples of Application 5S in the Warehouse
  • Steps for Implementing the 5S Program in the Warehouse
  • Performance Measurement (KPI) of the Warehouse 

The question is, who should take the Effective Warehouse Management Training program?

Personnel who must be involved in the training program include Manager, Supervisor, Chief, Section Head, Section Head, Administrative Staff, who are involved in warehousing operations; Warehouse, Logistic, Production, Production Planning, and Inventory Control.

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