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Training Warehouse Safety



TRAINING WAREHOUSE SAFETY - Many companies today do not think that safety is equal to productivity or quality. Currently, safety is an important thing in the company's operational process. Safety has become a customer requirement that must be met.

Many safety techniques have been implemented in the company. Then, how to apply this safety in warehouse?

We all know that operational activities in the warehouse involve tasks that are full of occupational health and safety risks. Some of the dangers and risks of injury and illness can occur due to manual cutting of materials with a knife, burns from electric shock, machines, slippery floors or poor lighting, and so on. 

There are many problems related to ergonomics that are often encountered here. Likewise, radiation, chemicals, or pesticides can cause skin irritation, itching, swelling, and so on. The use of forklifts or other machine-powered or electric tools and other battery-powered equipment is quite a high risk for warehouse workers.

Moreover, we know that around 30-60% of the company's investment is in the form of inventory, such as raw materials, work in process, good finish, spare parts, and other inventory. Thus, the implementation of the warehouse safety training program, which includes the safety of goods, safety of facilities, and safety of employees, is very important to carry out.

The following are some of the goals and objectives of the Warehouse Safety Training Program, including:

  • Understanding the risk factors for working in a warehouse.
  • Able to prevent accidents/injuries and other occupational diseases.
  • Understand and follow safe work practices.
  • Able to select the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) needed.
  • Implement safety and health programs in the warehouse.
  • Creating a safe and comfortable warehouse, so work productivity can be achieved.

The Warehouse Safety Training Program Outlines, among others:

1. Basic rules of Safety

2. Maintaining high standards of safety

3. Common hazards and safety tips

4. Emergency Preparedness

5. Warehouse and terminals

6. Manual materials handling

7. Materials handling

8. Powered vehicles for moving and lifting

9. Materials storage

9. Work Environment

Who is the person who must be included in the TRAINING WAREHOUSE SAFETY program?

Those who need to attend warehouse safety training are all employees of the warehouse division, PPC and Inventory Control, HSE practitioners, P2K3 members, doctors, and paramedics who want to improve their competence in the field of Warehouse Safety.

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