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Creative Ideas Finding the Right and Reliable Business Suppliers

Creative Ideas Finding the Right and Reliable Business Suppliers

There are four levels in the goods distribution chain, namely producers, importers or Master Distributors (MD), Distributors and Resellers or Dropshippers. If you decide to do business, you will definitely look for a supplier with the lowest price, right? 

Therefore, you should try to find a business supplier directly to the manufacturer to get the lowest price. But there is nothing wrong if you make an importer or MD as a supplier. In an effort to find a business supplier is not easy.

You not only have to focus on pricing, but you also have to answer the question of whether the supplier is right and reliable? For that reason, you should do your research first before deciding to choose the supplier. This will also help you to ensure your customers that they will get a quality product. 

For consideration, here we will provide some creative resources and ideas that can be used as references when looking for the best supplier for your business.

Sources of getting suppliers

  • Visiting industrial centers or bazaars
  • Through websites or online shops
  • Through marketplaces
  • Through business forums or online communities
  • Through price comparison websites

Tips for choosing suppliers

  • Clear addresses and contacts
  • Feedback
  • Availability of goods
  • Product condition
  • Speed ​​of delivery of goods
  • Store regulations
  • Last time of login

We will learn more about these creative ideas in the following further explanation.

Sources of getting suppliers

1. Visiting industrial centers or bazaars

The first way is to go directly to industrial centers or business bazaars. Visiting the supplier directly to the production location or selling location will provide several advantages for you. Besides being able to see all the production processes directly, you can also directly see and choose the quality of the products you want to resell.

You can also directly see the owner so that it will reduce the risk of loss. In addition, you can also build intimacy so that trust will arise between the two parties. If that's the case, then it's not impossible that the price given to you will be lower.

Another option is to visit a business bazaar. In this bazaar, many other businesses will introduce their products in the hope that a partnership will be formed. This is a golden opportunity for you to build networks and relationships and cooperation. Because many participants take part in the event, you will have lots of choices and of course finding the supplier with the lowest price will be easier.

2. Through a website or online store

If you can't find the right supplier around you or maybe you don't want to bother traveling to find a supplier, then you can visit the official website or online shop supplier that you have specified. 

Or if you don't have a list of suppliers, you can first search online using search sites or social media. Enter a variety of keywords that will allow you to get multiple search results. There are so many online shops that also provide goods for suppliers. Of course this will make it easier for you as a business owner.

3. Through the marketplace

Apart from social media, online shops can also be found on various marketplace platforms. Shopping in the marketplace is usually more profitable because this is where many traders, resellers, dropshippers, wholesalers, distributors, first-hand or importers gather.

You can check directly one by one the product providers in the marketplace to serve as your supplier. By comparing prices and looking at the description of each product, you are most likely to get the lowest price with a quality product.

4. Through business forums or online communities

A creative idea to get other suppliers is online business forums. In online forums, you can search by asking a few questions or following other members' threads. 

In a forum like this, there must be other members who will provide information about products, suppliers or other business information. You can also join online communities that are focused on business to get an easy flow of information.

5. Through a price comparison website

If you focus more on the cheapest prices provided by suppliers, you can use a price comparison website to do a search. There are several websites that can be used, such as,,,, and so on. 

The trick is to enter the type of product, then the website will provide various store references with varying prices.

Then just choose which one is right for you. Usually the prices that are compared only come from official brands in the official marketplace. This means that some merchants who create their own online stores are usually not in the price list presented.

Tips for Choosing Suppliers


As is known, finding suppliers via the internet is indeed easier and does not require large amounts of energy and costs. However, your absence directly to see potential suppliers and their products can be an opportunity for fraud. Therefore, pay attention to the following tips before choosing a supplier.

a. A clear address and contact

 A trusted shop will provide their address and contact clearly. They do not seem to cover up as evidence that there are no bad intentions in the future.

b. Feedback

To find out the quality of the supplier to be selected, it can be seen from the feedback given by consumers. For those who have their own online shop, they usually upload consumer testimonials on the store's social media account. If you are looking in the marketplace, try looking at the consumer ratings column at the bottom of the product.

However, that does not mean that a store that has not succeeded in selling any of its products and has not received feedback can be said to be bad. It could be that the store has just opened or the product has just been sold. 

It is better to avoid shops that are lazy in responding to their customers. Because you can also see the quality of the store from the way the store owner serves and responds to consumers.

c. Availability of goods

You must also pay attention to the availability of goods. In general, suppliers must have unlimited stock, so you can order them anytime and in any quantity.

d. Product condition

Before deciding to choose a supplier, first look at the condition of the products they sell by checking product descriptions. If the information provided is not very complete, then you can ask directly through the private chat column provided or the comment column.  

Sometimes a store offers a lower price but the specifications or accuracy of the product are not what you want.

e. Speed ​​of delivery of goods

Sales business, especially online, has very fast competition in terms of availability of goods and speed of delivery of goods. Stores that have a bad shipping history should not be considered as your supplier.

f. Store regulations First

check the shop regulations that will be used as suppliers. For example, what is the process that must be carried out when applying for a refund or return of goods. And how to apply for the refund and return. This must be ensured for the convenience of both parties.

g. Last time login

These points are usually used in the marketplace. Pay attention to the last time the seller logged in to his shop account. Professional shop owners will always check their marketplace account to serve any incoming consumer inquiries and orders.


Finding a reliable supplier for your business is a must for you, if you want your business to continue to grow and achieve success. If the supplier has a problem, then you must also be responsible for the delay in your service to loyal customers.

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