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Easy Ways to Keep Warehouse Clean

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Easy Ways to Keep Warehouse Clean

Cleanliness is one of the most important things in modern times like today. Especially in the midst of increasingly fierce industry competition. This is because nowadays more and more people make cleanliness an important factor when buying or using products and services. 

This is the reason why cleanliness is one of the most important things for you to pay attention to. One thing that is important for you to pay attention to is the cleanliness of the warehouse. 

A clean warehouse can not only increase the effectiveness and efficiency of warehouse operations, but can also maintain the quality of the products to be sold to customers. This means that the cleanliness of the warehouse can improve the performance of the warehouse itself.

A clean and healthy warehouse will also look more organized, making it easier to make transactions in and out of goods.

On the other hand, a dirty warehouse will make the work area dangerous for warehouse employees. 

One example, for example, is that the warehouse has never been swept and there is invisible plastic waste, so this plastic can make warehouse employees slip and fall. Work accidents like this can be fatal for the effectiveness of work in your warehouse.

Easy Ways to Keep Warehouse Clean

As a guide for you, here are easy ways to keep the warehouse clean, including:

Create a Regular Cleaning Schedule 

One of the efforts to maintain and maintain the cleanliness of the warehouse is to clean it every day. The warehouse is a very large storage space for goods so it is easy to get dirty due to dust. Make sure you have a cleaning schedule with certain clear standards.

If you want your warehouse to be cleaner and healthier, then it is better if you clean the warehouse regularly. Regularly cleaning the warehouse with activities or picking up trash when you find it will make your cleaning program easier.

When going to make a warehouse cleaning rule, you must know that the job of maintaining this cleanliness is very diverse. Each of these warehouse cleaning jobs has its own needs and burdens. For this reason, these types of cleaning activities must be divided by category.

You can have this cleaning category into a daily, weekly and monthly hygiene category. By having this cleanliness category, you can get a cleaner and healthier warehouse every day.

Empty the Trash

empty trash

Do not allow the trash can in the warehouse to be filled or spilled. Empty the trash as soon as it looks almost full. Bins that are full and not immediately disposed of (emptied) will make it difficult for warehouse employees to dispose of the garbage they find.

Clean While Working

No matter how great you are at keeping the warehouse clean, as long as there are machinery and equipment moving in the warehouse, the warehouse is bound to get dirty again. So don't wait for the cleaning schedule. Get used to every warehouse worker to clean the warehouse while they work.

Give Specific Areas That Must Always Be Clean

Group the areas in the warehouse, then give each warehouse employee a task to keep their area clean. Responsibilities are simple, such as sweeping floors, removing debris, wiping equipment clean and cleaning up any liquid spills.

Another way that can be done to help keep the storage warehouse clean is to divide the cleanliness area in the warehouse that you have. Your storage warehouse must have a very large size, right? If someone is assigned to picket one day for the entire warehouse, then this will put a heavy burden on the worker.

Therefore, divide the warehouse by area or region. Then assign responsibility for the cleanliness of each of these areas to each employee. This will help ease the cleaning work in your warehouse.

This system has many advantages. One of them is to provide personal responsibility and make employees not dependent on other employees to maintain cleanliness. 

In addition, the work and burden becomes lighter so that employees are more enthusiastic to carry out the cleaning program. Especially if you give rewards to employees who always keep their area clean and give punishment to those who are negligent in running it.

Provide Cleaning Equipment For All Staff


You cannot ask warehouse workers to properly clean their area of ​​responsibility according to a schedule if you have not prepared adequate cleaning equipment. Place the cleaning equipment in a place that is easily accessible and easy to find.

Ensuring cleaning tools in an easily accessible area is also one of the best ways to improve the cleanliness of your warehouse. With cleaning tools that are easily accessible, employees will not feel lazy. So prepare a special area for cleaning tools and make sure the arrangement is done well so it doesn't spoil the view of the warehouse.

Keeping the warehouse clean is one thing that really requires the commitment of all warehouse employees. The ways to keep the warehouse clean above are steps that can help you in an effort to keep the warehouse clean without too much work. 

But keep in mind, even though you have implemented the steps above but in reality your workers or employees are not committed to implementing them, then the steps above will feel in vain. 

Therefore, make sure you build discipline from employees and also field supervisors for this warehouse cleanliness issue.

That's the article review about Easy Ways to Keep Warehouse Clean. Hopefully this review can be a guide for you in an effort to keep the warehouse clean and healthy.

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