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Definition of Goods Storage in Warehouse

Definition of Goods Storage in Warehouse

Definition of Goods Storage is "The process of placing goods in a waiting condition to be ordered or prepared for further processing. Storage is carried out according to the type and characteristics of the goods.”

In this goods storage activity there are 2 important things that cannot be separated from one another, namely:

  • Placing goods in a waiting condition
  • Characteristics of goods

Placing goods in a waiting condition, meaning that goods are conditioned to be in one unit of time and while in the waiting process so that the goods If it remains "alive" it must be placed in a condition that is in accordance with the type and characteristics of the goods.

The characteristics of the goods depend on the type of goods stored and must be adapted to the conditions of storage. For example, cold storage is required to store fruit or vegetables, while packaged food items can be stored at normal (ambient) temperatures.

Put Away and Let Down

Put away and let down processes are usually carried out for storage warehouses that use high shelves.

Put Away is the activity of placing goods that have been checked (according to documents) and have been recorded into the system to the safe and appropriate location for storing goods.

Let Down is the activity of taking goods from the storage location to the picking face location (preparation of goods) according to the origin location, destination location and the right quantity.

The Put Away process can be done in 2 ways, namely:

  • Direct put away
  • Directed put away

If a warehouse does not have Warehouse Management System (WMS) software, then put away and let down can be done manually as follows:

  • Determine the storage area according to the group or type of goods
  • Place items that frequently go in and out near the exit/or entrance.
  • Record the location where the items are placed.
  • If necessary, determine a special staff who handles goods per group or type of item.
  • Complete with pest control, monitor temperature and make sure there are no leaks on the roof. warehouse

In general, put away and let down processes can be improved in the following ways:

Direct put away

  • Put away directly to picking or storage locations stockpiling
  • Reduction of and inspection activities

Directed put away

WMS software will provide instructions for storage locations and is carried out by the operator.

  • Batched and sequenced put away
  • Incoming goods will be sorted for put away based on zones in the warehouse and per location.


Interleaving is a combination of put away and let down processes.

Errors that occur in the field continuously are usually considered normal. And this is a fundamental error that must be addressed so as not to be misguided.

Some of the mistakes that must be avoided in your warehouse in the put away or let down process include:

  • The location is far away, just put it in the closest place.
  • Pallets clash, the road is winding.
  • Picking face is full, the rest of the letdown falls.
  • No forklift, even climbs,
  • Confirms put documents away before the put away is done
  • Lazy to take notes

That is the description of the Definition of Goods Storage in the Warehouse. Hopefully this brief description can add to your knowledge.

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