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Pick To Light Warehousing Method

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Pick To Light Warehousing Method

Several warehouses or distribution centers for the retail industry are required to operate 24 hours for 7 days to meet the dynamics of the retail world. 

To reach that point, innovation is needed that is supported by technology and qualified information systems, so that warehouse operations are able to reach the optimal point. One of the innovations in the Warehouse is the use of the Pick To Light Method.

What exactly is the Pick To Light Warehousing Method? In simple terms, this concept is a warehouse operation where the warehouse man (helper, picker, operator, and so on) carries out the activities of picking up / placing goods based on the amount shown by the digital display to then confirm by the button located on the digital display.

Digital Display shows the number of items that must be taken / placed by a warehouseman. Each digital display has a unique id that is connected to a server computer that will receive information and then distribute information in the form of numerical data that will appear on each digital display.

 Pick To Light Warehousing Method

Then what are the benefits of the Pick To Light & Put To Light method? Some of the advantages of this method I will try to describe in this article.


This method replaces the function of paper as a guide for warehouse operators in packing into lights. The picking results will be recorded in the WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) program, so there is no need for paper documents to prove the picking results.

The speed of the picking operational flow does not start from printing picking orders, but orders picking will run data from the server (under admin control) to Digital Picking in the warehouse. So there is no need for operators to go back and forth to submit paper picking orders to the warehouse.

In particular, this speed factor in my opinion is the main thing for an industry to invest in Pick To Light. For example, for one of the domestic retail minimarkets, this method allows 1 outlet to be picked up in a maximum of 2 minutes, this is possible because the packing process is carried out by several helpers simultaneously in parallel.


Because Digital Picking is placed near the product to be picked, the possibility of picking errors is very small. Operators will see instructions from Digital Picking and pick up goods according to these instructions, compared to using paper picking orders that contain lots of data which is visually more confusing.

Easy to Adjust 

This button on Digital Picking also accommodates changing picking numbers. For example, if the order is 5 pcs, while the available items are 3 pcs (because the inventory is not accurate), the operator simply presses the subtraction button 2 times to notify the system that the 5 pcs order is only filled with 3 pcs.

Before making an investment for Pick To Light, of course it is necessary to analyze the investment costs and benefits (benefit costs) achieved by the company for the investment. This feasibility analysis needs to be carried out in detail and also to simulate future possibilities. 

In general, I think that this method deserves to be analyzed for the characteristics of the warehouse/distribution center as follows:

  • Ships to more than 150 outlets per day and will continue to grow
  • Having more than 1,000 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units)
  • Characteristics of sending goods in small units (pieces) )
  • Requires high speed (speed) starting from order to delivery 

The investment issued is not cheap, 1 unit of Digital Display can reach millions of rupiah, this Pick To Light vendor is still dominated by foreign vendors including consultants and system installation costs (Warehouse). Management System) that supports this method. 

However, when we look at the benefits that may arise, Pick To Light may make a significant contribution to the company's profitability and increase visibility in your company's supply chain management, then maybe a pick to light installation can be a solution for your business in the long run.

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