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What is Safety Stock? Is Safety Stock Important for Your Business?

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Everyone who is in charge of a company wishes for it to grow quickly. I'm sure you are, too. 

Well, in the business world, especially when selling products, one of the most important things to remember is inventory safety, also known as safety stock. Inadequate inventory management has led to the failure of several enterprises.

Consider what would happen if demand for a specific product you offer skyrocketed, but you only had a limited amount of inventory in your warehouse. 

Or, on the other hand, do the products you've kept in great quantities in the warehouse turn out to be uninteresting? You could lose a lot of money. So, how much inventory should be in the perfect warehouse for a business to run smoothly?

One of the terminology you may hear frequently when discussing inventory in the warehouse is safety stock or safety stock. But, exactly, what is a safety stock? Let's go over this in more detail in the following post.

Definition of Safety Stock

As explained earlier, the term safety stock is familiar in the business world. Safety stock is also often known as safety stock. 

In general, safety stock can be defined as an inventory of goods in a warehouse prepared by a company or business owner to prevent a shortage of inventory in order to anticipate uncertain market demand conditions. 

Safety stock is one of the most crucial elements in business because inventory of goods, especially products that require certain raw materials, requires a certain period of time to arrive at the warehouse and is managed by the company or business person to finally be sent to consumers who place orders for products. 

If a big conclusion is drawn, safety stock can be interpreted as a method used by companies or business people to minimize inventory shortages for certain products in storage warehouses. 

In this case, there are special calculations or formulas used, which we will discuss later in this article.

The Importance of Safety Stock

If your business wants to grow rapidly, safety stock must be involved in the ongoing business. This is because safety stock has been proven to have a very large role and influence in supply chain management. 

Supply chain management is a set of business activities that includes coordination, scheduling, and control over the procurement of goods, production, and delivery of goods to customers, as well as daily company administration, logistics operations, and data processing, from the moment information is received from the customer to the supplier of goods or raw materials.

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