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Starting a Distributor Business? Understand the Role and Business Opportunities


When people think of a business idea, probably most will choose self-employment or franchising. 

But, what if there is another profitable business opportunity, namely the distributor business. Distributor business is a form of business that will never die.

The distributor business started from the time when the barter method was still in the days of the kingdom. In fact, distribution activities in the digital era are still as important as other modern businesses.

Millennials love interesting concepts in the business world. The distribution strategy was developed based on technology so that automatic, fast, and easy distribution and sales software emerged.

In any business, distribution channels are an important element. This is because some manufactured goods come from distributors before reaching retailers or consumers.

Role of Distributor Business

Customers spread to various regions. So, it is very difficult for manufacturers to distribute their products all over the world. This is where the role of the distributor business.

Distribution activities are people or business entities that form partnerships with producers, buy products, then store and sell them through distribution channels.

Companies or retailers can make purchase orders for the desired goods from suppliers, then sell them again at a margin price to get a profit. 

Distributor business that will deliver the goods or products to the hands of retailers and consumers.

1. Sales

The fundamental role of a distributor's business is to make the product available in the market. So, customers can buy or get the product.

2. Promotion

The next role of the distribution business is promotion. Distribution activities include introducing a product to the public. By giving discount coupons or promos in the store.

3. Customer Service

Distributor businesses have the staff and communication facilities to handle customer service more effectively. This is because the distributor's business is also one of the first contacts customers will contact.

4. Market Research

Distributors are closer to the market, so they can gather more information on how to run their business. The information includes competitor positions, customer satisfaction, market trends, and more.

5. Financing 

Financially strong distribution activities, often handling financing for customers. Offers favorable postage and easy terms to increase sales. In fact, the distributor's business is currently supported by financial technology or third parties in financing.

6. Distribution Business Opportunities 

Distributor business opportunities are almost endless. This is because all economic activity is directed towards distributing products and services.

Distribution strategy plays an important role in making products available to consumers. At the same time, creating business opportunities for everyone to join the distributor business.

Here are some distributor business opportunities that you can try, including:

  • Automotive Distributor Business.
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods Distributor (FMCG) Business.
  • Hospital Equipment Distributor Business.
  • Seed Distributor Business.
  • Telecommunication Product Distributor Business.
  • Sports Equipment and Equipment Distributor Business.
  • Home Appliances Distributor Business.
  • Furniture Distributor Business.

The distributor business will be easier and more systematic, if it is supported by modern technology and software that many startup companies offer. 

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