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5 Effective Ways to Manage Shelves in a Warehouse

5 Effective Ways to Manage Shelves in a Warehouse

A warehouse may not be the neatest part of your business. Still, storage is an essential space of your physical location.

In many ways, the warehouse is the center of the operation of a store (Company), both physical and online. That's where the warehouse shelves stocked with your products are located, where you do an inventory to meet customer demands. 

When you manage your storage space effectively, you are already taking the first step to growing your business. However, suppose you do not organize the storage shelves in the warehouse properly. In that case, all the business activities inside and outside the warehouse will be chaotic. 

To help you, here are some tips that you can do to manage the shelves of goods in your warehouse.

1. Maximizing Vertical Space

Don't just stick to storage on the floor, especially if your warehouse has a high enough ceiling. Look for a sturdy metal barn rack with a height that matches the size of the warehouse ceiling but doesn't have to reach the top. 

The more stock you can store on the shelf, the more room on the floor to move freely. Don't also forget to buy a sturdy stool or ladder that is easy to move to reach the highest shelf safely. 

2. Heavy Products on the Bottom, Light Products on Top

5 Effective Ways to Manage Shelves in a Warehouse

Keep the heaviest stocks as close to the floor as possible to keep yourself safe. In addition to preventing the risk of broken shelves from collapsing, it can also avoid the risk of injury when you move goods.

On the other hand, it is best stored away from the floor for lighter stock to prevent piles and the risk of tripping. In addition, you can easily find small products by being stored on warehouse shelves that are in line with sight. 

3. Invest with the Right Warehouse Rack

Choosing storage racks for goods in the warehouse is a relatively easy step in managing the warehouse properly. There are many warehouse shelves that you can choose to complete your storage area. There are shelves, drawers, boxes, cupboards, tables, and more. 

The right type is the type that suits your needs. This type depends on the stock you will keep. But for convenience, mobile storage units are an attractive option because they are easy to move to maximize the space in the warehouse.

4. Use it for All Warehouse Shelves 

One of the primary keys to a well-functioning storage area is to create a better organizational system. You should divide your existing stock into categories and label them. Likewise, with the shelves for storage of goods in the warehouse.  

Once you've chosen the right system, stick to it, especially if you have a large warehouse. That way, you can find stock and do inventory easily and quickly. 

5. Set up a Dedicated Shipping and Receiving Area

Your warehouse needs a place to receive and unbox all stock and pack and ship orders. Set up a table near the door at a comfortable height, and provide a relatively spacious and clean area where boxes can be placed, and stock can be easily stacked temporarily.

By implementing several policies, you can ensure that the shelves in your warehouse can function effectively and efficiently.

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