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3 Great Real-World Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Marketing Ideas

Real-world marketing draws attention and customers to your business. Whether you are just getting your business started or have been operating for years, you need marketing to keep the publics interest and attention. 

Marketing should make your business accessible to customers and it should convince them to act quickly. Once you have a customer base, you can use it to further market your business.

Build Urgency

As a business, you need to convince people that they need your services now. If you run an advertisement that simply lets the public know you exist, you won't see a crush of customers at your door. 

If you run an advertisement that points  out that you're offering the lowest prices of the year on something they need right now, such as air conditioning in 90 degree weather, you'll get more business. Offer deals for a short time too. For example, have a buy one get one sale, but only for a day or a even a few hours.

Appear at Events

Demonstrate your skills and promote your business by making appearances at events. If you build things, perform a demonstration at an in-store event or at a festival. Performing artists can promote themselves by appearing at open mics or cabarets. 

Give public speaking a try if you have something to say that will benefit the public and your business. It's best to leave sensitive topics, such as politics and religion the shelf when speaking in public, though. Stick with your area of expertise.

Ask for Referrals

Having current customers recommend you to friends and family is an easy way to market your business in the real world. Offer discounts to customers if they refer a friend to you. You'll please your current customers if, after a referral, you offer them a 10 or 20 percent discount on services without their mentioning it.

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