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Marketing Communications

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These days, competition in the market demands very stiff, business units looking for the best marketing communication strategies. Significantly, it was clear that the issue of modern technology and liberalization of markets with major developments in the company led to adopting strategies to market their products. 

In this context, it has become essential for other companies, the strategies of these companies, it assumes that come with success to imitate. Given recent changes in the sport and footwear industry, it has become essential for C & J Clark International Limited to do a market analysis on marketing communication strategies for Adidas and Nike. 

Based on market research, C & J Clark International Ltd will be capable of the best strategies to incorporate into their marketing plan.

A thorough study and analysis of sports and the shoe was taken on a shift in marketing strategies and advertising of different companies. In this case, the essence of the brand as one of the most accepted marketing and advertising strategies of the company was identified in the footwear industry. 

Just the communication of marketing strategies for Adidas and Nike are very competitive in recent days. Based on research, she found that the brands adidas and Nike have been strong communications marketing strategies in modern times. 

It was found that these two brands are very conscious of monitoring the changing needs of consumers and changing market trends in advertising design. Based on these concepts, it is supposed to reproduce very important for C & J Clark International Ltd. for the strategies of Nike and Adidas (Kiley 2005)

Market and Literature

Analysis of the bear market of sports and feet showed that Adidas and Nike are huge success and dominance in the market genossen. On The other hand, the second head adidas, said there is a market share of 20%. It is important to the global commercialization of sports clothing and footwear strongly dominated by these two companies. 

The competition between the two giants is obviously due to strong competition and the widespread introduction of effective marketing strategies. Research has shown that the brands of both companies are quite unique and in all corners of the world market.

Research Methods

Based on research, both primary and secondary methods of data collection methods of data collection were adopted.

The primary sources

In the event of primary data collection, the following methods were adopted. First interview was widely used, the public attended. Related to this were both structured and unstructured questions used in interviews.

Based on this phenomenon, the public were interviewed in detail about their perceptions of the conduct of Adidas and Nike. Pricing issues, promotions, trade shows and sponsorship was provided by the companies also issued.

On the other hand, observation has been adopted extensively as a method of data collection. In this framework, researchers could focus on the control of advertising for Nike and Adidas. In this case, the media and television and more websites have been very involved in collecting data. A point worth noting is that the data were recorded using significantly different methods for further analysis collected.


The research team widely used questionnaires as an effective intervention to obtain more detailed information on marketing communication strategies such as Nike Adidas. In this case, several people were targeted, students, athletes, entrepreneurs, in addition to other groups. In addition, it should be noted that both open and closed questionnaires were adopted.

Sources secondary

Significantly, the secondary sources of data are an important source of information on marketing communication strategies adidas, and Nike. Literature review was also an important method to obtain relevant information about Adidas and Nike to make the method of data collection more effective and efficient (Nash, 2000).

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