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Duties and Job Description of a General Manager

Duties and Job Description of a General Manager

The General Manager or more commonly referred to as GM is one of the functions and positions that exists in every company. The General Manager is a function of the Office to work with a company that is in charge of the lead, managing, and coordinating all matters related to the operations of the company wheel.

The general manager is a function of Office work in a company after the Presiding Director or highest leader in the corporate structure. Being a GM is indeed not easy, is probably very difficult. How not, the article is to be a GM only to occupy positions can so you have to carve achievements that can make someone from the ranks of senior enterprise and lift the cap.

Usually, a General Manager itself is a very loyal employee of the company, intelligent, innovative, and no doubt charismatic. But there is also a General Manager who is still young. More about General Manager. GM has a duty and a responsibility. The higher one’s position in the organizational structure of a company, the more tasks and responsibilities. So also with the duties and responsibilities of the general manager.

Duties and responsibilities of the General Manager

The following duties and responsibilities of a general manager:

  •     Leading companies and a motivator for employees
  •     Managing the daily operations of the company
  •     Plan, implement, coordinate, monitor, and analyze all of the company’s business activities
  •     To Manage the company following the vision and mission of the company
  •     To plan, manage and oversee the company’s budgeting process
  •     Plan and control the company’s policy to run with the maximum
  •     Ensuring every department does with the company’s strategy effectively and optimally
  •     Managing the company’s financial budget
  •     Decide and establish policies for company advancement
  •     Establish procedures and company standards
  •     Make important decisions in terms of investment, integration, alliances, and divestments
  •     Plan and execute the strategic plan for the company’s medium-term and long-term for the advancement of the company
  •     Attend meetings, seminars, conferences, and training

The number of tasks of a general manager, certainly cannot be separated from the role of importance within a company place them. If the general manager job is described one by one certainly more than what we have described.

Criteria General Manager

We have already mentioned above job description general manager above, to become general manager of reliable and professional, the following criteria or requirements to become a general manager:

  •     Have experience in business management, financial planning, and monitoring
  •     Have experience in personnel management, including hiring, evaluating, and administration
  •     It has a proven ability in business and financial management
  •     Have the ability to work with all of the layers in the company
  •     Well-behaved, good oral and written communication and interpersonal skills
  •     Spirited leader, can manage and supervise employees
  •     Be able to solve the problems, conflicts, and crisis situations in the company quickly and precisely
  •     Can perform a variety of tasks and jobs quickly and effectively
  •     Be accountable for his duties as well as can be a role model for employee
  •     Be able to take decisions quickly and precisely

It is not easy to become a general manager, but there is no harm for you who have a lot of experience and insight into the business world to try this position. Thank you for visiting our site, hopefully writing about the duties and Job description of a General Manager can be used as a reference and additional insight for you all.

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