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What You Need to Know About Currency Exchange Converters

Currency Exchange

If you are planning on traveling abroad, you’ll need to know about currency exchange converters used to change your American money into what you’ll need to perform transactions where you are visiting. 

Using such a currency exchange converter ensures that you receive the equal cash amount of that country’s currency when you exchange your own. If you are traveling through multiple countries, having the ability to convert your money quickly into any other currency accurately can make your trip a progress lot smother.

Currency converters utilize the most up-to-date market changes in the world's various currencies, which will allow you to compare the value of your currency to others you wish to convert to. These values are determined mostly on the supply and demand of international banks, but can also be influenced by changes in government policies so rates can change pretty rapidly. 

Currency Exchange Rates

The currency exchange rate gives you an indication of what the actual amount of foreign currency you need for your own currency. The reason people need to find out the current exchange rates goes beyond just traveling. 

They impact how business takes place worldwide, ranging from FOREX (Foreign Exchange Market) traders using the exchange rates as an investment, to multinational businesses that need to forecast expenses for the next fiscal year or how to price importing or exporting to ensure they quote the right rates. 

These are much of the same reasons why travelers need to know the exchange rates since it ultimately impacts how much a business trip or vacation will cost.

Currency Exchange Converter Websites

There are hundreds of currency converters online. These are all easy to use tools that allow you to enter your country of origin currency and see a display of the exchange rate for the currency of the country or currency type you need to exchange it for. Some sites allow you to enter specific dollar amounts and receive the exact amount your dollars will be worth in the chosen currency.

Whatever the reason you are using a currency converter, you need to be sure the calculator you choose is linked to the official current exchange rates globally and are constantly updated. Otherwise you could be misled by out-of-date rate information. 

Those sites connected to changing global rates will automatically update continuously and always give you a correct exchange rate. If you have a “smart phone” there are also free “currency apps” that will provide real-time information on all the most exchanged currencies.

While currency conversions can also be obtained from exchange rate information from local banks, their quoted rates will differ from those shown online because banks factor in a retail profit that online sites don’t.

Keeping Up on Rates

Whether you are traveling overseas for a vacation or doing business with foreign clients, keeping up on the exchange rates using a currency converter can be particularly useful for comparing the current rate with previous rates which can give an indication as to whether the rate is swinging up or down. 

Knowing any changes in the exchange rate could make a difference by actually making it beneficial to pay off certain travel or hotel bills earlier than you had planned in order to save money.

What you Actually Pay

Using an exchange rate converter allows you to calculate how much you should receive when you exchange you currency in a one-on-one form. While currency exchange calculators will tell you the current exchange rate for specific currencies, those rates are the market average. 

But when you actually go to buy the currency you need for traveling, you will be offered a higher rate than the one you were quoted by the exchange rate calculator. And many currency exchange “shops” may quote different exchange rates at different locations. The difference in the rate is the currency exchanger’s profit.

If you plan to exchange you currency before your trip, one of the options is to buy your currency at your bank, if you don’t mind paying their exchange commission. Another option many travelers use while overseas are bank ATMs. 

Again, the rates won’t be the same as you calculated from an online currency converter and you are usually charged both a currency conversion fee and a user fee. This is true as well for credit card cash advances unless you bank is in partnership with the overseas bank.

Finally, it seems the most often used site for currency exchanges while traveling are the airport exchange counters or kiosks. While these sites are convenient, you will find that they have the highest exchange rates above what you may have painstaking calculated using an online currency converter.

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