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Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs


You must have heard of products such as the Mac, iPod, or iPhone. These products are the company’s production of Apple Inc, a company influential in the development of the technology world. Surely Apple’s success is not achieved instantaneously. Behind it lies the figure of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple who was known to be innovative. 

Here are the secrets of success that Steve Jobs will be shared with you :

Love What We Do

Wear a different point of view in understanding and careers in which we live. The majority of people just go with the flow around them without understanding what they want in their hearts and intuition. Often this is done either consciously or unconsciously. Stop and think about what your heart and intuition want because both are almost always right. Having a great goal that is meaningful but simple can be applied through the achievement of objectives smaller every day.

Print Achievements

Just like an organization or company, any individual should ideally also have a vision to live their life. By having a vision or dream, we can find out what we want to do and make it happen, not only in the scope of the profession but also in general. 

Having a clear vision can also provide an opportunity for us to share and exchange ideas and enrich the vision which in turn will allow us to connect and collaborate with as many other individuals or groups who have a common vision. In the case of Steve Jobs, he clearly emphasized his vision of innovation that can change the world. Passion is what drives us to not only follow the conventional life cycle.

Destroy Way of Thinking

Revolution is the way we think of it now. Innovation without creativity as escorts is nonsense. For Jobs, creativity is connecting separate entities in a way that has not been used by other people. Jobs upholds the importance of experience to understand human experience with more depth.

Sell Dreams

Go farther than they should. In this case, we should be able to touch the ‘ point ‘ of the most sensitive consumer-owned, something deeper and more essential. When consumers feel very understood and spoiled, that’s when we can be said to understand them not as a customer but as a collection of individuals who store, dreams, hopes, and ideals. What’s done so far Jobs and his staff made ​​a series of products created by the desire to help consumers’ dreams, hopes, and ideals.

Prioritizing Simplicity

A person can not be said to be a genius if he complicates things more simply because the main advantage of a genius is to simplify complexity so it can be more understandable to others. The philosophy underlying these various designs of Apple products. Jobs exalts simplicity by stating, ” Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. By getting rid of other less important things, we allow things that are much more important to be surfaced.

Have Experienced ” Crazy “

Apply different points of view when looking at what the other person will be experienced when using the product or service. Steve Jobs has made Apple become a new standard in the field of customer service. 

Apple Store scores to be the greatest retailer by introducing simple innovations which can be applied by all businesses in the world that existed a deep and lasting relationship with the users of our products or services. Use analogies or metaphors to think about the solution to a problem. By finding similarities between two things that are not the same, our brain is stimulated to create relationships that bridge the two.

Convey Ideas with Impressive

Think differently about our story. The idea is great but if we are less good at conveying its essence may not be delivered or even misunderstood. And consequently, people will not notice much less impressed by the idea we do not care about anything as bright as the idea. 

Expertise speaks for Steve Jobs is no longer about how to launch a product and achieve the highest sales figures, but also a matter of changing something formally into an amazing art form. And make sure the story that we use to build the brand is always consistent from one aspect to the other aspects, such as advertising, marketing materials, social media, presentations, websites, and so on.

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