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Definition Of Strategic Planning For Production Activities

image via freepik Strategic planning for production activities is broad overall planning. This planning is done before production planning is made. The strategic planning for this production i…
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Method Of Product Average Cost-Understanding And Benefits

image via freepik Before elaborating on the product average cost method-understanding and benefits, it is good to know in advance about the understanding of the company's financial statem…
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How To Calculate The Cost Of Product Prices

image via freepik To obtain the desired profit margin, the company must determine the sale price of the product carefully and correctly. Taking into account all factors and variables related …
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An Easy Way To Calculate Company Overhead Costs

What is Overhead? A simple sense of overhead is an additional cost or other expense incurred by the company, which is not directly related to the business process, and production is done in …
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PPIC Tasks-Planning Raw Material Inventory With MRP Systems

Sometime ago I have written an article about PPIC that is PPIC Definition and Job desk , so in this advanced article, I will review PPIC's job of planning raw material inventory with the R…
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PPIC-How To Make An Effective And Efficient Production Process planning

A PPIC (Production Planning And Inventory Control) has a lot of tasks in a company. If a company is a restaurant, then the role of PPIC is as a food organizer what to cook by the chefs to …
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Planning Functions In Business Management

image via pixabay The definition of a business plan is a decision-making process that will be fundamental and a guide to the action to be performed in the future. The business plan is a writt…
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