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Are You Ready For Your Procurement Strategy In The Future?

The procurement work has gone through a significant change over the previous decade. From a basic, clear source-buy produce cycle, the procurement work is currently one of the columns on which hierar…
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What is the Definition of strategic procurement?

What is the Definition of strategic procurement?  Strategic procurement is an association-wide cycle that plans to guarantee the ideal stock of merchandise and ventures following the association…
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Supply Chain Audit - Purchasing And Supplies

credit Supply Chain Audit - Purchasing And Supplies Supply Chain Audit is a quick way to reveal the process improvement & cost reduction opportunities that exist in your busine…
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What Is E-Procurement? Preferences And Disadvantages

Definition  E-Procurement is buying or offer of administrations, supplies, and work led using business-to-business, business-to-shopper, or business-to-government through the web and other comparativ…
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6 (Six) Core Purchasing Division Strategies-One Of The Risk Management

image via freepik After that in the previous article, I commented on 9 simple but effective things in the Purchasing division to increase the company's profit, so on this occasion, I will …
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Understanding About Purchase Order Management

image via freepick In the supply chain industry and manufacturing, Purchase Order Management is also called the Purchasing Management. Purchase Order is a process and activity to search for t…
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Difference Between Procurement And Purchasing You Should Know

A glimpse between procurement and purchasing has almost the same scope of work, so many people end up misinterpreting and interpreting it. Procurement and purchasing, although it has some simila…
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